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{once again, please don’t judge my photo editing skills in this post. my big mac is packed away, so i’m doing my best with my 13″ laptop…}

last night jenny and koutsunis threw us our going away shindig, and it was so much fun having most of our closest friends in one place. of course, it was also bittersweet. i’d be laughing one minute and then goodbye’s would bring on the waterworks. it’s no secret that we didn’t like maconga, but we made some amazing friends whom we’re going to miss terribly! {i sure wish i could get rid of my need for proper grammar. “whom” doesn’t sound conversational. i’m strange, but at least i know it.}

so back to goodbyes… we really are going to miss our friends! you have all meant more to me than i can put into words. i wish i could say i’ve been incredibly happy to have finally left macon today, but i’m so sad to leave you guys. i can’t wait to see you again soon! the tears are falling again, so that’s it for tonight.

yes. david is a card carrying member of the cherokee nation. and he’s proud of it!

neal carpenter -

I was wondering if you’d get this post in on such a crazy day. I’m so sorry we didn’t get to come. Did you get my text? Drive safe and have fun. I fully expect to see some film images in the next week. The Walgreens website lists stores that do 1 hour processing and scanning. DO IT!

emily -

Love them all! You’ll have to email me a few. Hope the drive is going well and that you’re having fun in Mississippi today!

emily -

awww peaches