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happy halloween

so, as much as i love landscapes and pretty leaves, i’m ready to take some pics of people. thank goodness i’m going out tomorrow with a friend from high school to do just that! it’s supposed to be overcast, but as long as it doesn’t rain on us i’ll be perfectly happy. in the meantime, here are more shots of leaves… i suppose the fact that they’re incredibly pretty, bright orange leaves makes them perfect for halloween – especially since we didn’t carve a pumpkin this year. oh, and this is the same tree that’s posted on the 29th. it’s amazing what changes trees can go through in 48 hours! God is an amazing artist.

random fact – looking at these leaves has me craving orange fanta.

neal carpenter -

Sunkist Orange is WAY better. Just so you know.

Maddy K -

I have to agree with the fanta… but disagree with the fact that Sunkist Orange is better… sorry, but you can’t beat fanta. No siree!