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happy birthday to me

i’m so tired that i’m fighting my eyelids to stay open! hopefully i make sense in this post, but if not, i’m chalking it up to exhaustion.

we’ve had a long, but very good day. we got up around 6, ate breakfast with my aunt sonya and uncle mike, left around 7, and drove to dallas to stay with david’s aunt and uncle. and before i go any further, i have a terrible confession to make: i forgot to take a picture with my family. there, i said it. i’m still a bit peeved about that one…

anyway, we made it to dallas a bit before 3, and we spent the afternoon with david’s aunt patsy and his cousin’s five year old son. as it got closer to dinner time, patsy kindly offered me snacks, but i wouldn’t go near them. “why?,” you ask… because i knew birthday dinner was awaiting me at IIIforks! uncle butch has talked about that restaurant for y.e.a.r.s, so i was pumped to spend my last birthday of the decade there! every bite was absolutely scrumtrulescent!!! {i’m glad i wasn’t temped by any snacks.}

i should also mention that sonya and mike provided an incredible smorgasbord for last night’s dinner – and it centered around steak kabobs. yes, i got steak and potatoes 2 nights in a row. the love me! my family really loves me!

this first picture is the bridge crossing over the mississippi river into louisiana, and the second was a crop duster which was flying just past the same bridge. the sky was lovely today!

today’s trip was 100% highway, so most of our views were of fields just like this. then all of a sudden, dallas seemed to appear out of nowhere. clearly, texans are proud of their lone star state, and they even show their pride on bridge pile-ons.

i’ve been facebooking with one of my childhood friends, and she just so happens to live in dallas. she moved away from georgia when she was 13, and i’ve only seen her once since – i think when i was in high school. well, we’re meeting for breakfast tomorrow! i’ve got to get to bed so i can get up for another early day. night-night!

neal carpenter -

Very nice. So how was the steak?

emily -

cool picture of texas bridges…

christy -

awe! I miss Texas! it really is the best state!

Jessica -

Aw! So fun!! Seriously. You’ll see the Texas star on every house. We’ve got one in our kitchen. You can take the girl out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the girl ;-)