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the joy of my splenectomy

it’s been quite a while since i last posted, but i have a decent excuse. about a year ago i was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. the details are still a bit complicated, but the gist is that my body is destroying my red blood cells way before their time. theory is that my spleen is the main culprit, and although i had things under control with medication, i didn’t want to stay on those forever. so, last tuesday my spleen had to go. it wasn’t an easy decision, and i’m pretty sure my dr. thought i was a flight risk for the surgery. as soon as i sent him the first email that i’d finally made the choice, he had a surgeon contact me within 20 minutes! knowing that my brother and his girlfriend are visiting early April, and wedding season is quickly approaching, i asked for surgery to take place before march 22nd. then when the surgeon had an opening, i was on his schedule a few weeks early.

supposedly laparoscopic surgeries are the way to go… well, i certainly don’t want to know what normal surgeries are like! thankfully, i’m almost a week out, and i have something to look forward to this saturday! we’re going to see the hunger games at an imax theater, and no stinkin’ splenectomy is keeping me from it!

thanks so much to my friends and family who’ve been so kind and supportive. david and my mom have definitely been reaping my spoils, including candy, junk food, chicken casserole, brownies, roast, lasagna, ect! {thankfully, i’ve managed to get a few bites in edgewise!} it won’t be long before i’m back to myself and getting out of the luxury suite!