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night lights

these were taken tonight between 10 and 10:45 pm. i was hoping to play with starlight, but i was surprised to find the clouds rolled in after the sun went down. it turns out the clouds created a fun backdrop of their own, and i’m still hoping for a clear sky night the next go ’round.

f 4.5, 25 sec., 100 iso    /    f 2.8, 8 sec, 400 iso

f 3.2, 5 sec, 400 iso

ps – the alien ordinance didn’t pass. guess there won’t be any e.t. photo ops anytime soon…

neal carpenter -

I’m in love. These images made my day. So cool. How did you do the first one? Zoom?

neal carpenter -

Oh, you should try this near the airport with the lights of the planes taking off.

Natalie -

these are amazing! i love the last one- the lights are so cool.

gwen -

do you live in one of the houses that are in the last photo?

Dannielle Puckett -

Wooooow! Can’t wait to see the stars!

Jessica -

these are awesome!