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molly and ken. old lady flips the bird in proposal

molly’s mom, susie, contacted me several weeks ago to photograph ken proposing to her daughter at a rockies game. i love proposal stories, and i was so excited to document such an exciting moment! i even met with her and ken when they picked up the ring so we could get to know each other and to make i wouldn’t have trouble picking them out at the game. ken was so afraid that he wouldn’t be able to wait to propose, so he actually passed the ring off to susie for safe keeping! just look at the joy on susie’s face!

david and i got to the game during the 1st inning, and we knew that the proposal would pop up on the big screen sometime during the end of the 4-5th inning. time has never passed so slowly… by the time the screen started scrolling messages, i couldn’t believe how quickly they were replaced with the next! i was on the edge of my seat, and i sent david up a few rows from me in the breezeway, so we could get different angles. unfortunately a family finally took their seats next to me during the 4th inning, so i was stuck.  i couldn’t move up closer or i would’ve been right in molly and ken’s faces when he got down on his knee, and then molly would be more focused on the stranger taking photos than ken getting down on his knee. so there i sat two rows down, waiting. at the end of the 5th inning, “will you marry me, molly?” popped up on the screen – for no more than 2 seconds! i grabbed the shot, and then turned immediately to get the proposal…

ah…the best proposal photo e.v.e.r.! lady wasn’t happy that i stood up for about 20 seconds, and she let me know it. in fact, her friends were yelling at me to sit down, too. i told them i was photographing a proposal behind them, but clearly they didn’t care. the best part about this is that the rockies were in dead last place, and there was no chance of them going to play offs… i love the rockies, but the game wouldn’t change any rankings. however, lady and her friends were “super fans” and she needed to let everyone know it {and that she did}!

the range of emotions in this one photo is priceless, and it wouldn’t have been as incredible without her. so, i want to publicly thank finger lady. you made the photo what it is!

and back to the joy…

most people at the game were really excited to witness the proposal…

of course we had to get a photo from the 5280 seats…

unbeknownst to molly, many of her friends and family were at the game too! this is when she first saw her best friend…

a gift from ken’s parents…

congratulations, molly and ken! i’m so thrilled that your engagement is so memorable and that you and your family have an incredible sense of humor. i’m forever grateful!

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haley -

You are awesome. Love the captures and so rad that the pic went viral! Bet that dear old lady didn’t know she was helping ya out! ;)

Jayson Lecuyer -

Great captures!!! What a lovely couple. Congratulations!!!

Joseph Powell -

I’m so glad you have a sense of humor. I know so few photographers who do. This is a FANTASTIC shot. People just don’t realize how difficult it is to navigate situations like this and how much time we spend trying not to be the center of attention.

Michael -

Thanks to BorrowedLenses.com’s feature for bringing us here. Congratulations to the happy couple! And great job, Kerinsa Marie, for linking the video and staying professional while under duress. Award of the Day to the finger lady, “Most Likely To Punch Bunnies”. Haha!

Deborah -

Most likely to punch bunnies……..LMAO!!!!!!