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i almost can’t believe spring break is just around the corner! i’m planning on dedicating the whole week to photography and updating the look of my blog. get ready, ’cause changes are coming around here! susan {sister-in-law} and i are even getting to take a weekend away – which we’ve never done before. some friends of hers are letting us borrow their lake house for a weekend. take a look…


and that’s only the back 1/2 of the house! what’s not to love? we’re going to have at least 48 hours of shooting, resting, eating, and gabbing – which is 48 hours to ourselves that we’ve never had before. i can’t wait!!!

i took these pics at the same house while we were scoping out our future vacation home.



and i just have to add the following pics. seriously, how did our parents survive without t.v.’s in cars?


well, since this post is all over the place, why not show you one more random pic?

i saw this barn on the way home from tallahassee and had to stop. i love the horseshoe!


Maddy K. -

THese are great! I bet you will have TONS of fun!