doodles and nanza

i love these two, and i love playing with my polaroid land camera.

notice how riley {doodles} is hiding under the table? well, that’s his home about 25% of the day… another 25% of the time he’s under the kitchen table, and the other 50% he’s on the couch/bed. he’s an odd one… and then there’s tana {nanza}. have you ever seen “best in show?” {i’m imagining that you’re shaking your head, yes.} well, that little mole looking toy behind tana is her “busy bee”. no joke, that’s at least the 5th toy of its exact kind, and i have an extra one hidden away for when it dies. i suppose it’s about time to find out where i can buy one in denver…

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3 responses to doodles and nanza

  1. Love it. Did you scan the negative?

  2. Gwen says:

    They are funny! Do yours jump up and come to you every time you shift in your chair or stand up? Bentley does.

  3. Maddy K. says:

    So cute. Love those pups!!

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