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Day at the Lake

Two of our best friends, Tammy and Phillip, bought a boat earlier this summer.  Phillip frequently says that it’s the best purchase they’ve ever made, and he even went this weekend to get another one.  Men and their toys.  

Of course, I’m a little obsessed with taking pictures, but the idea of bringing our nice camera onto the boat makes David break into a sweat.  Luckily, I was able to sneak the camera bag into our car as he was in the shower, and it wasn’t revealed to him until we were loading up the Warren’s car.  So, by that point he just gave in.  Mission accomplished!
This is the boat that’s parked directly across from Tammy and Phillip’s.  They think it belongs to a local GI doctor.  
That’s the kind of name you can joke about, but I’m amazed that they REALLY went through with it!
Tammy and Phillip
We decided since Tammy and Phillip bought a boat, we should contribute in some way.  I remember knee boarding with the Leiner family when I was a kid, and I couldn’t wait to try it out again.  I wasn’t expecting the pain that comes after riding, but it’s still worth it!
David getting back into the boat.