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erica & jim. acworth engagement photographer

i met erica and jim through my good friends, emily and bobby, and i’m so exited about this wedding! bobby is even officiating the ceremony with his down home {suthun} accent, and i can’t wait for this classy, southern affair!

jim works for the railroad, so we had to sneak in some pics with the tracks…

erica and jim loved the look of this old church and so do i! we had to take a few practice {church} shots…

oh my goodness, jim did a good job picking erica’s ring!

while we were hanging out at acworth beach, we found a few camp stations. if i wasn’t afraid of getting us all in trouble, i would’ve shoved them off in the canoes just around the corner… but, jim wasn’t afraid to pick up the bow and arrow and take a few shots, and erica made sure to give him the encouragement he rightly deserved!

erica and jim, i can’t wait for your wedding day! **click here** to see even more from this session!

Emily -

These are my fav engagement shots you’ve done! You really captured how much fun they have together! I can’t wait for the wedding, either!

Erica -

You are so talented! I cannot wait to get these up in frames! Thank you so much for a great experience and for great photos! The wedding will be fun. :)

jenny -