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love and laughter. kelsey and dan’s engagement photos

kelsey and dan were only visiting colorado for a short time, so we’d planned the date for their engagement session months ahead of time. but when the week of their visit came, we realized the weather wasn’t planning to cooperate, so we met for an impromptu session a bit early at daniel’s park near castle rock. the clouds were looming during our session, and i’m pretty sure the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees while we were shooting, but that didn’t stop kelsey and dan from having a great time together. there’s just nothing like natural smiles – they simply can’t be faked. dan had kelsey laughing and smiling the entire session, which made for amazingly genuine photos.

we really thought the sky could let loose at any time…

kelsey gave dan a quick lesson on how to pick her up…

Jenny Evelyn -

cuteness… Love the last shot!