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lauren and cj. a fort collins and horsetooth reservoir engagement

lauren and cj chose fort collins for their engagement session, since that’s where they spent the first few years of their relationship. they both had me laughing within the first few minutes we met in fort collins {just look at that first photo!}. we started the session in downtown fort collins, at muggs, and then just wandered around town for a while finding lots of perfect photo spots. then we moved to my favorite place, horsetooth reservoir. there’s just nothing like open spaces and unblocked golden sunlight! this is also where we brought out lauren and cj’s two adorable dogs: miley {a french bulldog} and tucker {golden retriever}. and those two beautiful books had special meaning, too. the green one {thirteen millionaires} was written by lauren’s granddad, and the grey one {collected whispers} includes a poem cj wrote! i love when couples include things that hold important meanings to them!

Kelly -

These are just beautiful!! I especially love the ones with the doggies and the ones where she’s sitting on the fence.