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taylor and michael. lair o the bear park engagement photographer

taylor and michael picked lair o the bear park in morrison, colorado for their engagement session, and it just happened to be one of the most beautiful times of the year! spring green surrounded us wherever we went, the creek was swiftly flowing, and we even found plenty of blooms that made for gorgeous photos. we wandered around for much longer than our planned hour since everywhere we turned was a perfect photo opportunity, and we really lost track of time. i really love it when my couples and i forget the time; it definitely means everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves!

i also love when couples incorporate things they enjoy doing together into their engagement sessions since it really helps to make the photos more meaningful and personal. of course i was thrilled when taylor mentioned they brought a hammock, and they even strung it up in their usual spot next to the river. usually they bring two hammocks to relax side by side, but they only brought one for our session so they could be snuggly – so cute! i was shocked at how easy it was to set up the hammock – especially since david and i have had one for probably 3 years, and we still haven’t used it! i think we’ll probably head up to lair o the bear soon and steal taylor and michael’s spot.

taylor and michael are planning an unplugged, outdoor wedding – my favorite! maybe i shouldn’t have favorites…but weddings aren’t children, right? i really am thrilled about the “unplugged” aspect, so that all of their guests can be present and enjoy everything as it’s happening through their own eyes, rather than through a screen. i’ll be there to capture everything, and hopefully that anticipation of waiting for photos will also bring an added element excitement for everyone. i can’t wait to share my images!


Bonnie Sands -

Hi, I am Taylors mom and just want to tell you that you totally captured Taylor and Michael and their personalities. Simple and still elegant, Fun and loving
I can’t wait to see what you get at the wedding!!!!
Bonnie Sands