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the pattersons. denver newborn photographer

when we were scouting denver for our luxury suit, i was an emotional mess. i loved our little house and the thought of moving into a smaller space far away from family and friends was scarier than i admitted to anyone. on one of our luxury suite scouting trips, i remember walking out of renovated air force barracks and tearing up at the thought of being surrounded by cinder block walls that would cost us double our old mortgage. our next stop ended up being where we signed our lease, and kim was our tour guide. as we were walking through the model suite, the tears came back…and kim was completely understanding. we could afford something that didn’t have concrete walls, and i could actually see us living in denver.

kim and troy were some of our first friends in denver, and they also introduced us to our church. they’ve been a huge blessing to us, and we were so excited when they told us they were having a baby! garrett is absolutely perfect.

neal carpenter -

The images are beautiful. BUT, that tree. That is the second coolest tree I’ve ever seen.

Maddy K. -

I agree! Great pictures! And awesome tree, but now I’m wondering what is the first coolest tree that Neal has ever seen?

jenny -

adorable baby and sweet family… that Bokeh is re-donkulous!