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real smiles

i was so glad when justin told me that he and his girlfriend {jessica} could meet us for a quick lunch during my visit. they’re too cute!

after lunch justin and i headed home to mom and dad’s. mom has quite the green thumb, and most of her flowers were blooming. i’m in love with this one; the bokeh is ridiculous.

i also have to say how proud i am of this image of mom. it’s really rare to get my parents’ natural smiles on camera…

justin built the waterfall behind him – from design to completion.

of course, toby and lucy are part of the family too…

more real smiles. my favorite.

Candice -


Gwen -

Beautiful family!

Gwen -

Does anyone else think Jessica resembles Mom?

Stacey -

Oh my goodness! Love these pics of your sweet family! Love and miss you!!!!! It’s been tooooooo long! SKYPE NOW!

Stacey -

…Oh! And, Justin’s girlfriend is too cute for words.