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my new blog {yippee}

i can hardly believe it – my first post on my brand new blog. the only thing it’s missing is the “new blog smell.” but not to worry, you can imagine that to be whatever you like! roses, a lexus with leather interior, freshly-baked apple pie, etc…

the old blog is still hanging around, but i won’t be updating it anymore. who knows, maybe someday i’ll get the crazy idea to bring all of my old work over here, but at this minute, that sure sounds like a lot of extra work. so, if you ever get the longing to see any pics from the old blog, just head on up to the “links” tab, and click on “the old blog“. it’s that easy!

and because no post is complete without a picture, here’s one i took the other day. it’s red and cheery and makes me smile.


admin -

and the “comments” section even works on this one. :)

David -

Excellent work on the new blog Kerinsa!

Sonya Prendergast -

You are SO talented, keep up the great work. Proud of You!

Robert Whitehorn -

I’ve never seen better photos. We’re proud of you.

Susan Mullins -

Words fail me, but your pictures say so much. I love the beauty you capture.