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mom’s visit

mom made it out to denver this week! of course, she had to pick one of the coldest weeks we’ve had this winter, but we still managed to get out quite a bit. the first day she was here we headed up to georgetown and had brunch at the happy cooker. i had bacon, scrambled eggs with cheese, and a super huge waffle with fresh strawberries and whipped cream – which i highly recommend! then we headed off for a super quick tour of golden, and finally we made it to boulder. after a short walk on pearl street, we visited the celestial seasonings factory for a free tour. i’m really not a huge tea fan, but i’d heard the tour was really great – especially the mint room. oh. my. goodness. my nose was so happy during the whole tour. i may not like to drink tea, but it’s ingredients sure smell amazing! then it was time for the long awaited mint room, which definitely stood up to its reputation. as soon we walked in, my eyes got glossy and i could feel the minty burn in my eyes, throat and lungs. i loved it! david was unlucky enough to get a cold a day or two before, but as soon as he walked in, he could breath again {too bad the effects only lasted while we were near the mint leaves}.

yesterday was bitter cold and ugly, but mom and i decided that all the fresh snow would be perfect for sledding. so we bundled up and headed to the hill!

this is mom on her first run. i love the third pic…she couldn’t see a thing! thankfully, it looks like she still had fun.

this morning we headed out to the same place, but it was much prettier today. clear skies as far as the eye could see.

the winter view from “our backyard”

neal carpenter -

I love the backyard pic.

emily -

looks fun! can’t wait to see you…it may be just as cold here when you arrive in April.