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kate. marietta, ga newborn photographer

last month one of my closest friends, emily, flew me home for the first time since we moved to colorado. she and her husband, bobby, just had their second baby, and she’s perfect! and my goodness kate’s big sister, margot, is so adorable, too! i’ll have to write another post to share her images!

i can’t really explain how great it was to be back in georgia. i should follow that with “i love colorado, and i don’t want to move back”. it was just clearer than ever how much my friends and family mean to me, and i just wish i would’ve had longer to visit with each one of them {and the friends i missed too}!

emily -

you are so fantastically talented and I am so glad that you found your passion! it has been a blessing to so many people! I LOVE them!!! you did a great job capturing her sweet face and i’m so happy you caught a few smiles! and you made her room look great! most of all, I am was so happy you were able to come see us after such a long time apart and I cannot wait to see you this summer!

Stacey -

Kate is so precious! Emily, you did amazing (with Kate and you her room)! :) Kerinsa, as always, the moments your captured are priceless! Miss you both!

Maddy K. -

What a sweet little face. These are so great! Love the lighting in all of them!

Jim -

These are great. Love when you can catch a newborn smile!