frosting covered birthday

sadie-bug is growing up so fast! i suppose that’s what everyone says about children, but i always find it interesting when a cliche finally hits home. i suppose they’re common phrases for a reason…

as you’ll see from almost every picture, sadie really enjoyed her birthday cupcake! stacey even tried feeding sadie some of the actual cake {which was mighty tasty}, but sadie wouldn’t have any of that! she knew where the r.e.a.l. sugar was – the frosting. she’s one smart cookie! {i really hate cliches, but the flood gates were already opened}. i hope you enjoy these tasty pics!

this is truly the kind of kiss only a grandpa could love…

this fella decided the bean-bag board would be a great place to take a rest from all of the activity and enjoy his juice box. {minute maid hasn’t paid me one cent for this advertisement, but maybe they should!}

three generations

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3 responses to frosting covered birthday

  1. So cute!

  2. Jeannene Mullins says:

    Kerinsa, these are so cute!! Sadie should be a model and so should the little boy with the juice box. I would definetely see if Minute Maid liked it!!!!!!

  3. emily says:

    Incredible, Kerinsa. My friends keep asking me when you will be in a magazine…your pics are better than most of the published ones I see!

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