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dallas to amarillo

today was a long one. i got up super early to meet up with my childhood friend, teresa, and we caught up on our lives the past 15 or so years. we met when i was about 4 yrs. old, and it’s kinda crazy to realize we’re both adults now. i suppose you always think you’re going to be a kid – until about the time you hit your 29th birthday. anyway, we had a great time talking, and i hope it doesn’t take another 15 yrs. before we get to hang out again. and yet another confession – i didn’t take a picture with teresa. i’m chalking it up to the fact that i’m always taking pictures of other people, and then i forget to take some of myself once in a while. and yes, i still call myself a photographer. so this is a picture of us taken in ’88. we’re wearing costumes lovingly made by our mom’s for the school play.

so onto the pics i d.i.d. take! i just love old barns. maybe it’s overdone and cliche. if you’ve seen one old barn, you’ve seen ’em all, right? no. eh. wrong! i’m fascinated with each old barn as much as the next. crazy thing is, as i was editing the picture on the left, i zoomed in really close and there are cows under those trees under the right barn. that leaves me wondering if someone still ¬†lives in that house.

i had a serious expectation of seeing lots of longhorns as we drove through texas. sadly, all i saw were regular old cows. i’m still holding out hope. and who knows what that crazy looking car/tractor is for. david says it’s on those ridiculous lifts so it can drive down rows of crops, which makes sense, so i’ll go with that answer until someone proves him wrong.

i know. i already posted an image of crops the other day, but i really am fascinated by the rows. they’re just so perfect.

i didn’t catch the name of the town these two pics were from, but i kinda wish we would’ve eaten at JT’s. i think it looks adorable. and as far as that old black car – i just liked it!

and t.h.i.s. is what 75% of the drive from dallas to amarillo looked like. wide open spaces.

and to the most important event of the day {past 4 months}! my friends and students will remember that i lost my beloved watch {which i bought for myself as a reward for making it through a year at howard middle school} during the middle school tennis season. i thought i’d left it on the tennis court and someone had picked it up. i even offered a reward at school for it’s safe return. well! guess what! i found my watch!!! it was in my car, under the passenger seat the whole time! and if it wasn’t for david’s phone falling in-between the console and seat, i may never have found it. i haven’t been so giddy with happiness in a l.o.n.g. time!!!

Nicole -

LOVE the picture of you and Teresa!! Didn’t we have to wear those for some sort of school play??

neal carpenter -

The pics are awesome. I would have stopped at JT’s. Those are some of my favorite things. Jenny told me the watch story. I laughed out loud at you. Your are nuts! Have a safe drive today.

jenny evelyn -

Love the shot of the open dusty land…my fav from the day…oh and I am so glad you found that dang watch…now we don’t have to hear about how you lost the perfect watch!

Jessica -

Aw. So wonderful! The drive through Texas is painful… so glad you made it safe to Amarillo. Miss you tons!

emily -

is it weird that when I first saw the pic of you and your friend (without reading the text to go with it) I thought you had stopped 2 midgets in texas that you found all dressed up and insisted you take a pic of them? I’m not kidding, I stared for a while thinking to myself “are those midgets?”