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ben {denver newborn photographer}

we met andy and lauren through our new church when we first moved to denver, and we were placed in the same “getting to know the church” class. for the first two weeks  i had no idea that lauren was 6 months pregnant because they got to our table and sat down before we did. i didn’t catch a glimpse of lauren’s baby bump until she mentioned her pregnancy, and i gotta say, she was one cute pregnant lady!

fast forward to december 19th, and it was time for david’s birthday party, but andy and lauren couldn’t make it. they had a v.e.r.y. good excuse, since ben decided it was the perfect day to make his debut!

neal carpenter -

So good!

Candice -

That is the most precious shoot ever!! My word!! <3

emily -

These have made me very excited…to meet Kate, to see you, and to take some great pics!

Maddy K -

these are priceless. So sweet!

Dannielle Puckett -

So precious!