our 1st year in denver

ciatano winery

a few weekends ago we headed into the mountains with mike and emily just to get away from the city for a day, and we drove to¬†ciatano winery. while everyone was relaxing and enjoying tasting or two, i headed off on my own and snapped a couple pictures. i’m continuing to shoot more film for my personal work, so these were shot on my EOS3 with Portra 400, processed and scanned at walgreens.

on the way back to denver we stopped and had some go-carting fun!

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and then there were two

the little birdies are growing up so fast! simone and beckett have already flown the coup, but here’s a picture from {three or four} happier days of yore when all four baby birds were together. just look at those little tufts of feathers…ferdinand and francis look like a disgruntled old men!

and here are ferdinand and francis today! much more adorable and just about ready to go into the real world.

of course, mama still keeps her watchful eye…

now, if only mama would clean up after her little ones…

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beaks only a mother could love

i was getting a little worried. bonsai and cici have been nesting in our stairwell for a while now, and a few days ago i saw a single broken egg on the ground, but no chirping. well, today i saw four little beaks that only a mother {and father} could love! my gosh are they ugly…

as always, i turned to emily – the naming expert – to help me out with these four birdies. emily obviously couldn’t name them sight unseen, so i sent her these pics. she determined that the two boys and two girls are hipsters, rounding off the perfect family of six. Introducing: ferdinand, simone, beckett and frances! {poor frances – the little one on the right. i think she’s the ugliest of them all! hopefully this is just a phase, and she’ll win the miss barn swallow beauty contest someday}.

cici was well aware that i was watching, so i didn’t stay long…

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Bonsai and Cici

the past few weeks we’ve had new visitors to the luxury suite, and frankly, they scare me. bonsai and cici {lovingly named by emily} have made our stairwell their home, and they don’t take kindly to people passing by. really, i think kamikaze might be a better name for bonsai – don’t let his beady eye and sweet little beak fool you…

but every once in a while, one of the birds {barn swallows} gets really brave and won’t move from their perch. i took the one below as i was walking back to the luxury suite and just happened to have my camera. i can’t believe how close he let me get to him. this was taken with my 24-70, at 70, and i couldn’t have been more than 3 feet away. thankfully, i still have both of my eyes!

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