just because

Bonsai and Cici

the past few weeks we’ve had new visitors to the luxury suite, and frankly, they scare me. bonsai and cici {lovingly named by emily} have made our stairwell their home, and they don’t take kindly to people passing by. really, i think kamikaze

amazing light.

i took these just the other evening and had to share. i love the contrast of colors in this one! the one below might be one of my favorites so far…

real smiles

i was so glad when justin told me that he and his girlfriend {jessica} could meet us for a quick lunch during my visit. they’re too cute! after lunch justin and i headed home to mom and dad’s. mom has quite the green thumb, and most of her

doodles and nanza

i love these two, and i love playing with my polaroid land camera. notice how riley {doodles} is hiding under the table? well, that’s his home about 25% of the day… another 25% of the time he’s under the kitchen table, and the other 50%

clouded sky

the clouds were amazing tonight, and david and i couldn’t resist going into “our backyard” to take some pictures. we noticed the strangest thing… the clouds were moving in two different directions. the ones from the east were moving

film fun. macon, ga

lately i’ve been photographing most {all} of my personal work on film. a spot on exposure leads to little/no editing once i get it back from richard photo lab, and for more than any other reason – i love the look! the only thing i struggle

little bunny foo foo

easter fell within my visit back to georgia, and haddie made a perfect little bunny!

flip-flops and snow

yesterday we decided it was time to get out of denver and do some exploring, so we packed a picnic lunch and  headed to idaho springs for a day of fun, sun, and fly fishing. well, the fun and sun were great, but high winds put the ka-bosh on fishing…

our anniversary {denver botanic gardens}

today is our eighth wedding anniversary! i’m one lucky lady. {photo taken by jenny evelyn} we wanted to spend the day doing something new in the city, so we headed to the denver botanic gardens. i’ve really been missing the southern spring, so

vignette mishap {eldorado canyon state park}

on saturday we went hiking with mike and emily in eldorado canyon state park. the trail led down to the bottom of the canyon, where the south boulder creek was more of a raging river. now, two days after our hike, i’m still feeling its {painful}

spring’s first green

i admit that i’m longing for a southern spring. i’m so used to green on the trees and flowers blooming by mid-march that waiting an extra few weeks for the plants to wake up has been a bit hard. on sunday, the first day of spring, we were driving

ben & meredith

so i’ve had quite the hiatus from the blog! thankfully, that’s changing, and i plan to be more active around here again with spring and wedding season just around the corner. these are just a few shots from the other day with our friends ben &

Jenny and K’s visit

we were so excited when jenny and koutsunis started planning their trip to denver! but my goodness was it an ordeal to get out here: 1. their tickets were accidentally booked for 10:30 pm, rather than am.  2. they weren’t able to get on an earlier

mom’s visit

mom made it out to denver this week! of course, she had to pick one of the coldest weeks we’ve had this winter, but we still managed to get out quite a bit. the first day she was here we headed up to georgetown and had brunch at the happy cooker. i had

pictul {watermarking made easy}

for my fellow photographer friends out there, you’ve got to try pictul! i used to pull each blog image/collage into photoshop separately to resize and stamp them with my watermark brush, but that meant time wasted while photoshop opened and saved each

bon jovi

i was beyond excited for the opportunity to photograph bon jovi at a private event benefitting the center for dependancy addiction and rehabilitation {CeDAR}. it was also a a celebration of their 5th anniversary, and i was so lucky to be there! for a more in

san antonio

i just got back into denver after a great trip to san antonio for this year’s imagingusa conference. just as last year’s conference, it was an amazing learning opportunity that left me completely exhausted afterwards {but totally worth it}. this

my resolution

this one’s a day or two late, but better late than never, right? normally, i don’t make new year’s resolutions. really, i’m not sure that i’ve ever made one; i’ve always thought they were kind of silly. however, i’ve


i had fun scouting some locations today and happened upon this little fellow above a doorframe. such a cute little guy…

what’s come over me?

i’m not saying it’s becoming something i like, yet… but i’m really enjoying cooking! this could be very short-lived, and i’ve warned david about that very fact, but both of us have our hopes up. our Christmas meal lasted us