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horses and wide open spaces. golden, colorado landscape photographer

hasselblad 500c/m, portra 400

a few weeks ago i went out exploring with a good photo friend {brooke peterson}, and we just drove with nowhere in mind, only stopping when brooke noticed a sign for an open space park. we turned in and found white ranch park, which was the perfect spot for our photo excursion, full of beautiful horses, and even a cowboy who stopped by with a horse he was breaking. it was also the perfect opportunity to try out my new hasselblad 500c/m and my first real time shooting square format. i’m in love with the results.




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the perfect tree

when we bought our house, i remember getting so excited talking with my sister-in-law, susan, about how we could finally have a Christmas tree again. our apartment {the luxury suite} was only 890 square feet, which meant there really wasn’t any room for a tree. instead we used a 2 foot “tree” david’s grandmother {ma} gave us when we were first married. it was cute, but it didn’t compare to a big one…

this year we knew where to find the perfect tree, and we didn’t have to go far. there was a beautiful cyprus growing in our backyard, but someday it would get too big and take over the whole back corner of our yard. we’ve actually been talking about how it would make the perfect Christmas tree ever since we moved in in june. the only thing is that david wasn’t really looking forward to the task…

i swung the ax a few times before david started, and i thought i was doing a good job. but of course, it was david’s turn, and his swings were much better. when i begged to try once more, he gave in. after my second swing, the ax hit a small stump in front of the tree, and the ax flew up – a bit too close to my head. that was the end of david letting me play lumberjack!

these needles are no joke. they’re crazy sharp and painful, and they left their marks on both of us. poor david got it much worse than i did!

it was almost the perfect size…

and here’s the glorious result. our first Christmas in our colorado home, with a Christmas tree straight from our yard.


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natalie on film. littleton photographer

this is proof that i need to do more personal work. thanks to natalie for getting up early for this morning shoot; you were a blast to photograph!

mamiya 645, portra 400

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thrifting success.

there’s nothing like the feeling of thrifting success! i can’t wait to add all of these to my new meeting space in our house.

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