just because

dreaming of spring.

i know the snow falling today won’t last long, and the sun will be out soon. until then, I’m dreaming of the cherry blossoms in macon, georgia.  

the edwards family. littleton colorado family photographer

stephen and stacey are two of our dearest friends, and one of the closest things to heaven on earth would be if they told us they were moving to colorado! until then, we’ll have to settle for short visits, but we fully enjoyed every day that they were

molly and ken. old lady flips the bird in proposal

molly’s mom, susie, contacted me several weeks ago to photograph ken proposing to her daughter at a rockies game. i love proposal stories, and i was so excited to document such an exciting moment! i even met with her and ken when they picked up the ring

published. let the kids dress themselves

i love, love, love let the kids, so it’s a huge honor to be included in one of their technique thursday posts! for this challenge they were looking for frame within a frame submissions, so head over to their site to see what photos they

horses and wide open spaces. golden, colorado landscape photographer

hasselblad 500c/m, portra 400 a few weeks ago i went out exploring with a good photo friend {brooke peterson}, and we just drove with nowhere in mind, only stopping when brooke noticed a sign for an open space park. we turned in and found white

the perfect tree

when we bought our house, i remember getting so excited talking with my sister-in-law, susan, about how we could finally have a Christmas tree again. our apartment {the luxury suite} was only 890 square feet, which meant there really wasn’t any room for

natalie on film. littleton photographer

this is proof that i need to do more personal work. thanks to natalie for getting up early for this morning shoot; you were a blast to photograph! mamiya 645, portra 400

thrifting success.

there’s nothing like the feeling of thrifting success! i can’t wait to add all of these to my new meeting space in our house.

tabitha and donny. a fun film session.

married for years and still in love. mamiya 645 and contax g2, fuji 400 35mm, and kodak portra {can’t remember what speed}  

katie’s “just because” session

mamiya 645 and canon elan II. portra 120, 400, 800, and tri-x 400. processed and scanned by ppi. when we lived in georgia, and just after i’d gotten my first really nice camera, it snowed. i was so completely overjoyed, and couldn’t

ice castles at silverthorne

in the week that i’ve been gone, spring has sprung! i’m so excited for flip flops and skirts, but that also means i’ve gotten behind with my blogging! a few weeks ago david and i went to the ice castles at silverthorne with our friends ben

the joy of my splenectomy

it’s been quite a while since i last posted, but i have a decent excuse. about a year ago i was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. the details are still a bit complicated, but the gist is that my body is destroying my red blood cells way before

sunset in nederland

the perfect end to our date day in nederland

published {COUTUREcolorado}

i’m silly crazy excited that lacy and kellen’s engagement session is featured on COUTUREcolorado today! when i moved to colorado a little over a year ago, it didn’t take long to find out that t.h.i.s. was the online magazine i wanted my work

the babes

does anyone have cuter dogs? i submit that they do not.    

thanksgiving: round 1

happy thanksgiving! we spent the first half of the day with our friends mike, emily and chris. just look at the amazing table setting that emily created! my favorites were the flower arrangements {so cute} and the little honey pot. i contributed the sweet


yep. she’s a princess {and don’t you forget it}!  

field of flags

kennesaw mountain national battlefield park

from ikea to restoration hardware

recently we rearranged our living/dining room. then when david went out of town for work i rearranged it again. i tend to make big decoration changes when he’s out of town, since i don’t get sleepy at normal hours when he’s gone. instead, i

ciatano winery

a few weekends ago we headed into the mountains with mike and emily just to get away from the city for a day, and we drove to ciatano winery. while everyone was relaxing and enjoying tasting or two, i headed off on my own and snapped a couple pictures.

the society gardener. macon, ga

i adored our little house in macon, and i especially loved how close we were to ingleside village. i really miss driving down ingleside, with its quaint cottage houses and perfectly manicured lawns fit for southern living. if you’re in macon then you

and then there were two

the little birdies are growing up so fast! simone and beckett have already flown the coup, but here’s a picture from {three or four} happier days of yore when all four baby birds were together. just look at those little tufts of feathers…ferdinand

beaks only a mother could love

i was getting a little worried. bonsai and cici have been nesting in our stairwell for a while now, and a few days ago i saw a single broken egg on the ground, but no chirping. well, today i saw four little beaks that only a mother {and father} could love! my

jackopierce. sonoma event photographer

the same weekend that i took tiphanie & jimmy’s engagement pics, david and i got the opportunity to photograph one of our favorite bands, jackopierce! it turns out that they played a show at the soiled dove, not even a mile from our place, and we