the pletsch family. littleton, colorado

it’s so interesting to go through stages of life with friends, especially watching them go from a couple to a family. i love watching mike and emily dote on their kids, and especially when they make annabelle and benjamin laugh. kids’ laughter is

let’s get winny. littleton, co family photographer

please read this excerpt from my friend adria. she and her husband, justin, are hoping to raise funds for a service dog for their daughter, signe: There is a precious little 7 year old that I would like to tell you about, she is my daughter Signe.  Signe has

the edwards family. littleton colorado family photographer

stephen and stacey are two of our dearest friends, and one of the closest things to heaven on earth would be if they told us they were moving to colorado! until then, we’ll have to settle for short visits, but we fully enjoyed every day that they were

the pletsch family. stapleton, colorado family photographer

mike and emily, we’re over the moon excited for you! love to you all!

the sherer family. stapleton, colorado family photographer

i was so excited to photograph this sweet family, and it was extra special since i knew valerie from childhood! her daughter, cali, had a hard time believing i knew her mom from about the age she is now. i’m so glad that we’ve be

mike and emily. a wash park maternity session

mike and emily are two of our closest friends, so david and i were overjoyed when we heard they are pregnant with twins! they’re going to be welcoming a baby girl and boy, something i admit i’m quite jealous about. i can’t wait

karen and kelly. denver family photographer

meet karen and kelly! i’ve actually known these two for quite a while. kelly and i grew up in the same church in georgia, and her mom, karen, used to help out with our youth group. after moving to denver, another friend mentioned that kelly moved

tabitha and donny. a fun film session.

married for years and still in love. mamiya 645 and contax g2, fuji 400 35mm, and kodak portra {can’t remember what speed}  

ice castles at silverthorne

in the week that i’ve been gone, spring has sprung! i’m so excited for flip flops and skirts, but that also means i’ve gotten behind with my blogging! a few weeks ago david and i went to the ice castles at silverthorne with our friends ben

thanksgiving: round 1

happy thanksgiving! we spent the first half of the day with our friends mike, emily and chris. just look at the amazing table setting that emily created! my favorites were the flower arrangements {so cute} and the little honey pot. i contributed the sweet

jackopierce. sonoma event photographer

the same weekend that i took tiphanie & jimmy’s engagement pics, david and i got the opportunity to photograph one of our favorite bands, jackopierce! it turns out that they played a show at the soiled dove, not even a mile from our place, and we

ben & meredith

so i’ve had quite the hiatus from the blog! thankfully, that’s changing, and i plan to be more active around here again with spring and wedding season just around the corner. these are just a few shots from the other day with our friends ben &

Jenny and K’s visit

we were so excited when jenny and koutsunis started planning their trip to denver! but my goodness was it an ordeal to get out here: 1. their tickets were accidentally booked for 10:30 pm, rather than am.  2. they weren’t able to get on an earlier

bday surprise

today is our friend emily’s birthday! and since david’s birthday is on the 22nd, mike and i figured we’d surprise both of them with a party. so, mike and emily came to “pick us up for dinner” and mike {accidentally} left his

parade of lights

last night we watched the parade of lights in downtown denver with mike and emily. i managed to dress warm enough, but it got crazy cold – considering it hit 70 that afternoon! i don’t think any of us expected it to get so chilly, and mike was

the freeman adoptions {finalized}

i was so excited when i found out the freeman adoptions would be finalized on november 1st! then on october 31st, i saw a message on facebook. christy was asking friends if she could borrow a camera for the next day, since theirs had been misplaced at church

one year ago…yesterday

i’m introverted. maybe it’s that i’m a creature of habit, and i’m really comfortable around close friends. if there’s anything out of my comfort zone, it’s going into a social situation without knowing anyone. so it was

first comes love {jeremy and jessica}

i was beyond thrilled when jessica and jeremy let me in on their little secret!  please enjoy my 1st “stop motion” video. music from barnes music

blue eyes and big smiles

i often joke with david that it’s time to have kids, just so i can photograph them. thankfully, we haven’t had to go to those lengths yet, as i’m able to photograph other people’s children. this is probably margot’s fourth or

jumping on the bed, hanging from the rafters…

lucy and jonas are sadie’s cousins, and i had so much fun with these three. it was a bit chilly that morning, but everyone warmed up once they got moving. goodness knows i stayed warm just trying to keep up with them! i love these first images. sadie

a year in pictures

looking back through these pictures was so much fun and a reminder of how blessed i am. there’s absolutely no feeling like knowing someone is pleased with their photos, and it’s also humbling to realize they will be in albums for years to come!

beautiful baby margot

our good friends bobby and emily stayed with us for a night last week, and it was definitely a full house {4 adults, one baby, and 4 dogs}. our cozy little cottage was bursting at the seems, but i don’t think anyone minded a bit. david and i only wish

the mcquagge family

the mcquagges are a family of 7, so i knew our session would be exciting. mary, my friend tammy’s sister, did a fantastic job picking out colorful outfits for everyone, and i especially l.o.v.e.d. the red dress her youngest daughter was wearing! and

Leah and Genifer

Leah and Genifer are best friends and sisters. They’re not related by blood, but they’re so close you’d never know it. They’ve known each other for six years, and although Leah moved to Nebraska almost a year ago, they’ve seen