jenna & nathan’s breakfast in bed anniversary session. denver, colorado

jenna and nathan’s  breakfast in bed anniversary session was so much fun to photograph! they have been married for two blissful years and are just as smitten with each other today as they were on their first date. nathan wanted to make the morning of their 2nd anniversary one that jenna would never forget. the couple live in the most adorable, mid-century modern house in denver, colorado which was the perfect backdrop for their styled anniversary session. nathan showered jenna with beautiful blooms, a delicious breakfast in bed, a hand-written card… and more blooms! jenna hit the jackpot! do they make more of you, nathan?

it was also a treat to work with tricia of violet floral design! she’s crazy talented, and she created all of the floral arrangements for our shoot, even helping to show nathan how to hand tie the bouquet. flowers make any occasion more cheerful, and it was wonderful to have so many gorgeous blooms to photograph!

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dreaming of spring.

i know the snow falling today won’t last long, and the sun will be out soon. until then, I’m dreaming of the cherry blossoms in macon, georgia.


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our 10 year anniversary. days 2 and 3, Kauai

i want to go back to kauai…now. this very moment. on the other hand, a friend had good advice for us about whether we should go back {and she’s actually from hawaii}. she said that we should leave kauai as the best memories we have, and enjoy it through our photos. her reasoning is that if we go back, it might not live up to our trip, so we should explore a new place. i think she’s spot on, and we’ve already begun planning a trip to europe, but that won’t stop me from dreaming about kauai.

day 2

if you ever get the chance to take a helicopter ride, take it! my only advice would be to sit in the front seats with the pilot. we sat in the back, and the views were still incredible, but we’ll do it right the next time. forgive us for the unflattering selfie…

waimea canyon – the “grand canyon of the pacific”.

kilauea lighthouse

day 3

“local courtesy 5-7 cars”. we probably crossed this bridge at least 20 times during our stay, and i loved it!

this photo of haena beach park is my favorite from our entire trip, and i plan on printing it – huge.

*click here* if you’d like to see all of my favorites from our trip to kauai.

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the pletsch family. littleton, colorado

it’s so interesting to go through stages of life with friends, especially watching them go from a couple to a family. i love watching mike and emily dote on their kids, and especially when they make annabelle and benjamin laugh. kids’ laughter is just the best!

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (6)

littleton colorado family photographer

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (4)

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (3)

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (1)

 click *here* to see more photos from the pletsch’s family session!

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