taylor and michael. lair o the bear park engagement photographer

taylor and michael picked lair o the bear park in morrison, colorado for their engagement session, and it just happened to be one of the most beautiful times of the year! spring green surrounded us wherever we went, the creek was swiftly flowing, and we even found plenty of blooms that made for gorgeous photos. we wandered around for much longer than our planned hour since everywhere we turned was a perfect photo opportunity, and we really lost track of time. i really love it when my couples and i forget the time; it definitely means everyone is relaxed and enjoying themselves!

i also love when couples incorporate things they enjoy doing together into their engagement sessions since it really helps to make the photos more meaningful and personal. of course i was thrilled when taylor mentioned they brought a hammock, and they even strung it up in their usual spot next to the river. usually they bring two hammocks to relax side by side, but they only brought one for our session so they could be snuggly – so cute! i was shocked at how easy it was to set up the hammock – especially since david and i have had one for probably 3 years, and we still haven’t used it! i think we’ll probably head up to lair o the bear soon and steal taylor and michael’s spot.

taylor and michael are planning an unplugged, outdoor wedding – my favorite! maybe i shouldn’t have favorites…but weddings aren’t children, right? i really am thrilled about the “unplugged” aspect, so that all of their guests can be present and enjoy everything as it’s happening through their own eyes, rather than through a screen. i’ll be there to capture everything, and hopefully that anticipation of waiting for photos will also bring an added element excitement for everyone. i can’t wait to share my images!


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jenna & nathan’s breakfast in bed anniversary session. denver, colorado

jenna and nathan’s  breakfast in bed anniversary session was so much fun to photograph! they have been married for two blissful years and are just as smitten with each other today as they were on their first date. nathan wanted to make the morning of their 2nd anniversary one that jenna would never forget. the couple live in the most adorable, mid-century modern house in denver, colorado which was the perfect backdrop for their styled anniversary session. nathan showered jenna with beautiful blooms, a delicious breakfast in bed, a hand-written card… and more blooms! jenna hit the jackpot! do they make more of you, nathan?

it was also a treat to work with tricia of violet floral design! she’s crazy talented, and she created all of the floral arrangements for our shoot, even helping to show nathan how to hand tie the bouquet. flowers make any occasion more cheerful, and it was wonderful to have so many gorgeous blooms to photograph!

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ann & jason. evergreen engagement photographer

i had so much fun meeting with ann and jason at dedisse park in evergreen for their engagement session, and i can’t wait for their wedding atop ajax mountain in aspen later this summer! photographing a wedding at the summit of aspen mountain on the wedding deck has been on my list of dream venues since we moved here, and i was also thrilled to find out ann will be getting ready at the little nell! i know their wedding day will be perfection!

i’ve actually known ann for a few years, since we met just months after david and i moved to colorado. oddly enough, we met at a make-up counter in the mall and hit it off right away, bonding over small things like both of us having family in iowa, and she had also lived in georgia while she was playing for the wnba. of course that led to conversations about our favorite foods, especially grits, that we have a hard time finding out here {as a related side-note, everyone should try the shrimp and grits at acorn, located in the source. they rival anything you’d find in the south!}. it’s funny how ann and i have bumped into each other from time to time since that day, and it’s also a testament to how denver is really such a big small town. for example, one afternoon i went to a photography get-together to learn more about shooting film, and ann just happened to be one of our models. then more recently, we ran into each other while trying to reserve venues at denver parks and rec – which is when i found out she was engaged to jason. at the time i was secretly wishing i’d get to photograph their wedding, so wishes do come true! ha!

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paul and cathy.

it’s a wonder the people i’ve met and the profound moments i’ve witnessed because of my camera. this is my favorite image from paul and cathy’s intimate wedding, photographed early this year.

read more about their story from paul’s daughter, kelsey, below…

My dad, an avid outdoorsman, began dating cathy in 2009, shortly after she moved to colorado. He and Cathy enjoyed the outdoors in Colorado, hiking and biking their way through their relationship. Everyone’s world changed in December 2012 when he was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. as the family reeled in collective shock of the healthiest 66 year old any of us knew being diagnosed with this deadly disease, he and Cathy’s relationship grew stronger. In february of 2013, they decided to get married, knowing that they may not have much time as husband and wife.

In the small chapel at Greenwood Community Church, surrounded by their kids and grandkids, my dad and Cathy joined together in matrimony, demonstrating the true meaning of the vows to love one another “in sickness and in health”. Eight short weeks later, he passed away in his home, surrounded by his wife and children.

I learned so much about marriage from these special moments spent celebrating a love that was strengthened by adversity. despite the havoc that pancreatic cancer brought to our family, this day stands out in my mind as a statement of the strength of unconditional love — the love God demonstrates for us and that we, on our best days, shower upon one another.

In memory of Paul B. Anderson 1946-2013. Beloved husband, father, grandfather, brother, uncle, teacher, coach and friend.

- Kelsey McCarthy


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