senior portraits

katie’s “just because” session

mamiya 645 and canon elan II. portra 120, 400, 800, and tri-x 400. processed and scanned by ppi.

when we lived in georgia, and just after i’d gotten my first really nice camera, it snowed. i was so completely overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to go outside and take beautiful snow pictures! but, david was trying to be rational, and wouldn’t let me take the camera outside – he argued that it wasn’t insured. well, david and i almost never fight, but this was definitely an exception. sadly, david won, and all i got to photograph were some red berries, as david stood over me with an umbrella! on that same day, my best friend jenny went out and took some of the most amazing photos i’ve ever seen…

so when we got a fantastic snow here in denver, i couldn’t help but make sure to take my own snow photos! katie has been such a sweet friend since we’ve moved out here, and i couldn’t wait to get her in front of my camera{s}!

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a year in pictures

looking back through these pictures was so much fun and a reminder of how blessed i am. there’s absolutely no feeling like knowing someone is pleased with their photos, and it’s also humbling to realize they will be in albums for years to come! thank you to everyone who trusted me with capturing your memories!

happy new year!


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Chelsea’s Senior Portraits

Chelsea and her family live down the street from me, and I’ve taught two of her younger sisters. Well, I’ve taught one, and another is currently in my class. And, I may just get to teach the youngest in a few years.

Chelsea was so fun to photograph! She was willing to try all of my suggestions, and she she didn’t even give me a second look when I asked her to jump up and down in front of a mural (on a fairly busy street)!
Thanks, Chelsea; I had so much fun taking these!
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