baby avery. thornton newborn photographer

there’s nothing so sweet as seeing parents dote on their brand new baby! beth mentioned that jon has changed nearly all of avery’s diapers since she came home. what a blessing to a new mother! click *here* to see more from avery’s

the anderson family. littleton newborn and family photographer

when we moved to littleton some friends of ours asked if we’d like to try visiting their bible study which was just a mile down the road from us. lonnalee and dave {and the whole group} were so inviting, and we felt at home

the karas family. walnut creek, california newborn photographer.

tiphanie and jimmy have the kind of relationship that makes love look easy. david and i photographed their wedding in december ’11, and we often comment that it’s time for them to move back to colorado. if they lived close,

the forbes-dohack family. evans, colorado newborn photographer.

little christmas miracle a good friend introduced amanda and i a year or so ago at a photographers’ meeting, and i’ve admired her work ever since. so when she asked if i could take some newborn photos for her and mike, i was

the pletsch family. stapleton, colorado family photographer

mike and emily, we’re over the moon excited for you! love to you all!

the pattersons. denver newborn photographer

when we were scouting denver for our luxury suit, i was an emotional mess. i loved our little house and the thought of moving into a smaller space far away from family and friends was scarier than i admitted to anyone. on one of our luxury suite scouting

kate. marietta, ga newborn photographer

last month one of my closest friends, emily, flew me home for the first time since we moved to colorado. she and her husband, bobby, just had their second baby, and she’s perfect! and my goodness kate’s big sister, margot, is so adorable,

the walker family. kennesaw, ga

emily and i bonded over schoolwork and our first years of teaching, our desire to move away, and the fact that we weren’t ready for kids. of course, that was over 7 years ago, so things have changed quite a bit. emily is an amazing high school

ben {denver newborn photographer}

we met andy and lauren through our new church when we first moved to denver, and we were placed in the same “getting to know the church” class. for the first two weeks  i had no idea that lauren was 6 months pregnant because they got to our table

pfeiffer mini-shoot

this afternoon i had a chance to catch up with some friends from georgia! kelly and i were in the same church youth group growing up, and her mom {karen} was one of our youth leaders. it’s been great discovering the friends who’ve made the move

the bowen’s bigger family

you may remember the bowens from a recent session, but now there’s a new addition to the family! baby katherine was about 2 weeks old during our session, and she was the perfect little model. and of course, anna, lauren and john played along great,