the knott family. belmar park, colorado

i absolutely adore this family! we met  through our small group from church, and you just won’t meet two more genuine people anywhere. on top of that, i’ve never been more jealous of someone’s hair in my life! how are nikki’s curls so long and absolutely perfect…i submit that it must be magic. and did you notice the beautifully knit scarves and boot warmers? yep, nikki made them! she’s so incredibly talented that i’m making it my priority to make sure she opens an etsy shop before sedona becomes a big sister!

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the pletsch family. littleton, colorado

it’s so interesting to go through stages of life with friends, especially watching them go from a couple to a family. i love watching mike and emily dote on their kids, and especially when they make annabelle and benjamin laugh. kids’ laughter is just the best!

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (6)

littleton colorado family photographer

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (4)

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (3)

Littleton Colorado Family Photographer (1)

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let’s get winny. littleton, co family photographer

please read this excerpt from my friend adria. she and her husband, justin, are hoping to raise funds for a service dog for their daughter, signe:

There is a precious little 7 year old that I would like to tell you about, she is my daughter Signe.  Signe has several, chronic medical diagnoses.  Among the conditions Signe has are uncontrolled seizures and this spring of 2013, we received the news that she also has Cerebellar Ataxia.  The exact cause is yet to be determined, but most likely it is due to a genetic mutation.  Cerebellar ataxia is a disease of the brain that affects movement, balance, cognition, the functioning of the central nervous system.  There is no known cure for Cerebellar Ataxia and it is progressive and degenerative.

Between the seizures and Signe’s ataxia episodes, Signe is often fatiqued and in muscular pain.  She already needs to use a wheelchair for going distances.  This is where your help and support comes in, we need to raise money to pay for a dog that has begun her training to become a seizure and mobility dog.

ellie {left} and signe {right}

This little pup is named Winny.  Some of the skills Winny will be trained to do are retrieve emergency medications, find help, stabilize Signe while walking, assist Signe to get up when she falls, water rescue, push a 911 button and the list goes on.  God willing, Winny may also be able to detect seizures/episodes before they even occur.

Winny will not only be a constant companion whereever Signe goes, Winny will be ‘medical equipment’ that could help protect Signe from very serious injuries.  To become a certified service dog involves A LOT of training and thousands of dollars.  Would you be willing to join me in raising funds to accomplish this goal?  Any amount helps.


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the anderson family. littleton newborn and family photographer

when we moved to littleton some friends of ours asked if we’d like to try visiting their bible study which was just a mile down the road from us. lonnalee and dave {and the whole group} were so inviting, and we felt at home right away. dave is also one of the lead pastors at littleton bible chapel, which is quickly becoming our new church home.

lonnalee is so talented with decorating and sewing, and she also makes gorgeous paper flowers. notice the little lambs, hot air balloons, and stars in baby georgia’s room? lonnalee made them all! and every flower or decorative tree in their house, she made those, too! check out her site, lovelee flowers, if you’d like to see more of her work or get in contact with her.

we’re so blessed to have met this wonderful family, and i’m so thankful for the friendships i’ve gained through our church and bible study!

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