hello! i’m kerinsa!

i didn’t set out to be a photographer.

while i try with best efforts to plan out every facet of my life, my career and passion—like so many other aspects—happened by chance. southern through and through, i grew up in georgia and attended the university of georgia, with every intention of getting into journalism upon graduation. but life took a turn for the better when i met the love of my life and followed him to tennessee in marital bliss. there, i worked at an advertising agency before we moved back to georgia and i became a teacher, and slowly began to dabble in taking pictures for family and friends as a creative outlet. over time i started i toying with the idea of quitting what had become my day job to live my dream, but couldn’t stomach it. it wasn’t until we took the plunge into another dream and followed our hearts to colorado that i had the courage to pursue photography full-time. and i’ve never looked back.

beautiful things never cease to leave me breathless. my soul longs for sweeping vistas, show-stopping sunsets and capturing real-life drama. i’m rarely dressed up and wear almost no make-up, but make no mistake—i’m eternally girly. a home-body at heart, i cling to comforts and love to scare myself by stepping out on a ledge. my faith is deep-seeded and central to my life, and is the reason for every joy i experience.

all of me carries into my photography. relaxed and genuine, my style is entirely focused on getting to know a couple or family and using natural beauty to portray the realness of their life. capturing the beautiful that is already so completely present.