April 2012

jacey and bryan’s first look. a colorado springs wedding

jacey and bryan, i’m so excited for you both! you’re a beautiful couple inside and out, and i can’t wait to share the rest of your pics with you!

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love and laughter. kelsey and dan’s engagement photos

kelsey and dan were only visiting colorado for a short time, so we’d planned the date for their engagement session months ahead of time. but when the week of their visit came, we realized the weather wasn’t planning to cooperate, so we met for an impromptu session a bit early at daniel’s park near castle rock. the clouds were looming during our session, and i’m pretty sure the temperature dropped at least 20 degrees while we were shooting, but that didn’t stop kelsey and dan from having a great time together. there’s just nothing like natural smiles – they simply can’t be faked. dan had kelsey laughing and smiling the entire session, which made for amazingly genuine photos.

we really thought the sky could let loose at any time…

kelsey gave dan a quick lesson on how to pick her up…

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all grown up. a sapphire point engagement

when justin {my younger brother} asked if he and jessica could come visit, i knew this time was going to be different. they’ve been dating for over a year and i knew the word {marriage} had been discussed. i was so excited that the proposal was going to happen in colorado! we started talking about what he had planned, and then he asked if i would photograph it! i can’t even describe what an honor it was to be just a small part of such an important day in their lives.

the plan was that david and i would get to sapphire point about an hour before justin and jessica, so we could set up the picnic, hang the chalkboard hearts along the trail, and find the perfect spots to hide. of course, reality veered a bit from plans, so i told justin to {drive s.l.o.w.l.y.} when i got the call that he was only 10 minutes away. you see, even though we left early, they only spent a very short time in georgetown sightseeing, so we had only arrived 10 minutes before them! david and i scrambled like crazy people to get everything set up just right, and just as david laid down the last tulips, he signaled that justin and jessica were already walking to the outlook. thankfully, everything was absolutely perfect from then on…

after the initial excitement and picnic, justin and jessica went for a short walk on a nearby trail. it would’ve been a shame to waste all of the delicious food we prepared. {don’t worry. i didn’t really take a swig out of the wine bottle. but, i may have finished off the blackberries…}

i’m so proud to call justin my brother. he’s grown to be quite a handsome gentleman, and i know he’s going to be an amazing husband. we’re excited to welcome you into the family, jessica!


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