March 2012

katie’s “just because” session

mamiya 645 and canon elan II. portra 120, 400, 800, and tri-x 400. processed and scanned by ppi.

when we lived in georgia, and just after i’d gotten my first really nice camera, it snowed. i was so completely overjoyed, and couldn’t wait to go outside and take beautiful snow pictures! but, david was trying to be rational, and wouldn’t let me take the camera outside – he argued that it wasn’t insured. well, david and i almost never fight, but this was definitely an exception. sadly, david won, and all i got to photograph were some red berries, as david stood over me with an umbrella! on that same day, my best friend jenny went out and took some of the most amazing photos i’ve ever seen…

so when we got a fantastic snow here in denver, i couldn’t help but make sure to take my own snow photos! katie has been such a sweet friend since we’ve moved out here, and i couldn’t wait to get her in front of my camera{s}!

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ice castles at silverthorne

in the week that i’ve been gone, spring has sprung! i’m so excited for flip flops and skirts, but that also means i’ve gotten behind with my blogging!

a few weeks ago david and i went to the ice castles at silverthorne with our friends ben and meredith. my goodness, they were so beautiful, and it was incredible how differently they looked from day to night. it’s been such a warm winter/early spring, so i’m glad we were able to see the castles before they melted!

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the joy of my splenectomy

it’s been quite a while since i last posted, but i have a decent excuse. about a year ago i was diagnosed with autoimmune hemolytic anemia. the details are still a bit complicated, but the gist is that my body is destroying my red blood cells way before their time. theory is that my spleen is the main culprit, and although i had things under control with medication, i didn’t want to stay on those forever. so, last tuesday my spleen had to go. it wasn’t an easy decision, and i’m pretty sure my dr. thought i was a flight risk for the surgery. as soon as i sent him the first email that i’d finally made the choice, he had a surgeon contact me within 20 minutes! knowing that my brother and his girlfriend are visiting early April, and wedding season is quickly approaching, i asked for surgery to take place before march 22nd. then when the surgeon had an opening, i was on his schedule a few weeks early.

supposedly laparoscopic surgeries are the way to go… well, i certainly don’t want to know what normal surgeries are like! thankfully, i’m almost a week out, and i have something to look forward to this saturday! we’re going to see the hunger games at an imax theater, and no stinkin’ splenectomy is keeping me from it!

thanks so much to my friends and family who’ve been so kind and supportive. david and my mom have definitely been reaping my spoils, including candy, junk food, chicken casserole, brownies, roast, lasagna, ect! {thankfully, i’ve managed to get a few bites in edgewise!} it won’t be long before i’m back to myself and getting out of the luxury suite!

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editor’s choice award

i found a fun surprise in my inbox yesterday, and i’m excited to announce that i was selected as a recipient of two bright lights‘ 2012 editor’s choice award! {two bright lights is a great way for photographers and other event vendors to submit their work for publication.} here’s an excerpt describing how winners were chosen:

“The 2012 Two Bright Lights Editors’ Choice Awards is a signature program that recognizes photographers and vendors within the Two Bright Lights community whose number of published features in 2011 placed {me} among the top 5% of all two bright lights members.The 2012 honorees reflect those that have demonstrated a superior quality of work for their customers, and those that have used two bright lights’ online platform to quickly and easily get published by submitting their authentic, stunning imagery and services directly to the top industry publications and editors.

Among thousands of photographers and vendors competing for publication, the Editors’ Choice winners represent the best-of-the-best.”

thank you to all of the amazing couples i’ve had the chance to meet and work with and to the wonderful publications that have shared my work!

Editors Choice Award

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