June 2011

abby & kyle {parker, co wedding photographer}

i’ve been dying to share this post! abby wrote this little snippet when i posted their engagement pics, and i couldn’t help but share it again:

Kyle and I are high school sweethearts. Kyle claims he first fell in love with me freshman year when we were both fourteen, but we actually started dating a year later. I moved to China not long after that, and Kyle and I thought we would most likely never really see each other again. But God had things planned better than we did, and in a highly unexpected turn I moved home just in time for Kyle to steal my heart one more time before we both left for college. Its years later now, and Kyle and I are taking the somewhat uncommon road of being married college students, but we are so excited for it. This marriage is one of God’s greatest gifts to us, and we can’t wait to see what our new life together holds for us!

we photographed abby & kyle’s first look at the same barn from their engagement pics. i love kyle’s big smile as he waited for his bride!

you can see where abby gets her beautiful blue eyes!

such a sweet moment! kyle couldn’t help but look at abby during the prayer…

each of the balloons had a tag attached to the string, asking whoever found them to contact abby & kyle with where they were found. how fun!

abby did such a great job creating so many details! she really thought of everything, and it was all coordinated so well.

i was in love with the table set-up!

i love the beach towel {napkins}!

abby & kyle: thank you for letting me be a part of your wedding day! i can’t wait to share all of your images with you!
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amazing light.

i took these just the other evening and had to share.

i love the contrast of colors in this one!

the one below might be one of my favorites so far…

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