Monthly Archives: May 2011

abby & kyle’s first look. parker, co wedding photographer

abby is gorgeous! can you believe her amazing eyes?! abby & kyle are married! these are just a few of my favorites from yesterday, and i can’t wait to share more soon!

real smiles

i was so glad when justin told me that he and his girlfriend {jessica} could meet us for a quick lunch during my visit. they’re too cute! after lunch justin and i headed home to mom and dad’s. mom has quite the green thumb, and most of her

doodles and nanza

i love these two, and i love playing with my polaroid land camera. notice how riley {doodles} is hiding under the table? well, that’s his home about 25% of the day… another 25% of the time he’s under the kitchen table, and the other 50%

the hogans. macon, ga family photographer

greg and jackie are friends from home, and their two boys are too cute for words. we did this mini-session during my quick visit last month, but it left me wanting more time with them! so, hopefully you’ll be seeing more pics of the hogan family on

kate. marietta, ga newborn photographer

last month one of my closest friends, emily, flew me home for the first time since we moved to colorado. she and her husband, bobby, just had their second baby, and she’s perfect! and my goodness kate’s big sister, margot, is so adorable,

clouded sky

the clouds were amazing tonight, and david and i couldn’t resist going into “our backyard” to take some pictures. we noticed the strangest thing… the clouds were moving in two different directions. the ones from the east were moving

film fun. macon, ga

lately i’ve been photographing most {all} of my personal work on film. a spot on exposure leads to little/no editing once i get it back from richard photo lab, and for more than any other reason – i love the look! the only thing i struggle

the manor house. littleton, colorado

about a week ago i visited the manor house in littleton, colorado for the first time, scouting it for a wedding reception i’ll be shooting in august. wow. what an amazing location for a wedding and reception! the views from the manor are amazing,

little bunny foo foo

easter fell within my visit back to georgia, and haddie made a perfect little bunny!

flip-flops and snow

yesterday we decided it was time to get out of denver and do some exploring, so we packed a picnic lunch and  headed to idaho springs for a day of fun, sun, and fly fishing. well, the fun and sun were great, but high winds put the ka-bosh on fishing…

rachel & dave. macon, ga

in the days that i used to come up with fun names for posts, this one would have been: horses & hogs! rachel and dave both ride, but rachel sticks with horses and dave has 4 motorcycles. he’s even fixing one up for the getaway on their wedding

the walker family. kennesaw, ga

emily and i bonded over schoolwork and our first years of teaching, our desire to move away, and the fact that we weren’t ready for kids. of course, that was over 7 years ago, so things have changed quite a bit. emily is an amazing high school

jacey & bryan. lakewood, co engagements

jacey and bryan are saying their i do’s april of next year, but we fit in their engagements early because bryan was expecting a promotion that would move them out of state. in fact, the very day of our session {tuesday}, bryan got the call that