March 2011

spring’s first green

i admit that i’m longing for a southern spring. i’m so used to green on the trees and flowers blooming by mid-march that waiting an extra few weeks for the plants to wake up has been a bit hard. on sunday, the first day of spring, we were driving to church when i saw the first hint of spring green on a tree – which made me ridiculously happy. {these pics are from a pair of bushes near our apartment.} i suppose the bright side of all this is that we haven’t seen one pollen cloud!

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jennifer & jamie {colorado springs, colorado}

jennifer’s wedding day was also her father’s birthday. what a sweet gift!

jennifer’s brother flew in for her wedding, and had to leave 15 minutes after the ceremony. what a day! {gotta love a man in uniform.}

we snapped this one right before jennifer and jamie were announced. gorgeous!

jennifer and jamie, thanks so much for letting us be a part of your wedding day! best wishes for a long and happy future together!

coordinator – colleen denny, classic designs

hair – haley j. bouchat , the rage salon & spa

make-up – pamela johnson

flowers – rhonda, rhonda nichols floral design

reception venue – the cliff house at pike’s peak

dj – cameron, complete music

limousine service – ddg classic cars

linens – posh linens

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happy national ginger day

most people refer to it as st. patrick’s day, but clearly i’m not most people. besides, national ginger day just seems more fun to me, but that’s probably because i don’t have an ounce of irish blood in me. so, happy national ginger day {or st. patrick’s day. whatever floats your boat!}. this is an oldie but goodie with my brother, who’s also a ginger, and a dead ringer for prince harry. you’ll notice there’s plenty of green in this one, too – no pinching! love ‘ya brother!

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