March 2011

more from the denver botanic gardens

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our anniversary {denver botanic gardens}

today is our eighth wedding anniversary! i’m one lucky lady. {photo taken by jenny evelyn}

we wanted to spend the day doing something new in the city, so we headed to the denver botanic gardens. i’ve really been missing the southern spring, so david wanted to take me somewhere i’d be surrounded by flowers. he’s good! we loved the gardens so much that we bought season passes and can’t wait to go back. this is my favorite image from the day, and i’ll blog more soon…

as we were leaving the gardens we both realized how fitting our little trip was, since eight years ago we said our vows at theĀ state botanical garden of georgia.

just because, our 1st year in denver | 3 comments.
vignette mishap {eldorado canyon state park}

on saturday we went hiking with mike and emily in eldorado canyon state park. the trail led down to the bottom of the canyon, where the south boulder creek was more of a raging river. now, two days after our hike, i’m still feeling its {painful} effects. no joke, i almost fell down last night when my calf muscle tried to give out on me. clearly i need to go hiking more often… good thing we live in colorado!

of course i don’t go anywhere fun without my camera, but this time i brought one of my rarely-used lenses. in fact, i use it so rarely that i had no idea that it wasn’t meant for full-frame sensors. oops. so, you’ll notice that the images have a straight out of camera vignette, which i actually don’t mind {not that i plan on making this a habit}. i’m pretty sure this lens will be on ebay pretty soon…

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