January 2011

pictul {watermarking made easy}

for my fellow photographer friends out there, you’ve got to try pictul! i used to pull each blog image/collage into photoshop separately to resize and stamp them with my watermark brush, but that meant time wasted while photoshop opened and saved each image separately. With pictul, i just chose the image i wanted as my watermark {which is saved for future use}, and drag the images into the program. one of my favorite things about pictul is that i can chose where i want the watermark for each image, just like i did before – so the watermark doesn’t have to be in the same place for a batch of photos! when i’m done watermarking and telling pictul how to resize my photos, i just pick where i want them saved, and i’m done. the saving process literally takes me about 10 seconds! using pictul is easily saving me at least 15min. per post, and i’m all about saving time!

you can play with a free trial, and then once you’ve fallen in love {trust me, you will}, pictul is only $20!

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ben {denver newborn photographer}

we met andy and lauren through our new church when we first moved to denver, and we were placed in the same “getting to know the church” class. for the first two weeks  i had no idea that lauren was 6 months pregnant because they got to our table and sat down before we did. i didn’t catch a glimpse of lauren’s baby bump until she mentioned her pregnancy, and i gotta say, she was one cute pregnant lady!

fast forward to december 19th, and it was time for david’s birthday party, but andy and lauren couldn’t make it. they had a v.e.r.y. good excuse, since ben decided it was the perfect day to make his debut!

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bon jovi

i was beyond excited for the opportunity to photograph bon jovi at a private event benefitting the center for dependancy addiction and rehabilitation {CeDAR}. it was also a a celebration of their 5th anniversary, and i was so lucky to be there! for a more in depth write up, check out this article from the examiner written by my friend, marian tuin.

all of these images were taken within the span of the first two songs, and time flew by as i was taking them. i was concentrating so hard on getting pics that unfortunately i can’t even remember which song they played first {bummer}. however, i distinctly remember the second song – you give love a bad name – as i was singing along almost as loud as bon jovi! they were such amazing performers, and i hope i get the opportunity to see a full set someday!

special thanks to mike and marian for giving me this opportunity!!!

john elway introduced the band…

richie sambora’s still got it!

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san antonio

i just got back into denver after a great trip to san antonio for this year’s imagingusa conference. just as last year’s conference, it was an amazing learning opportunity that left me completely exhausted afterwards {but totally worth it}. this year i stayed with my bestie jenny and her sister charlotte, but it wasn’t until our last day that we were able to go out and explore.

what trip to san antonio would be complete without visiting the alamo?

i was surprised at how small the alamo is, and it’s completely surrounded by city.

afterwards, we found this amazing cathedral that charlotte had been dying to see. so gorgeous! {wish i knew its name…}

we also took a few minutes to photograph some portraits. jenny and charlotte are so beautiful!

jenny evelyn took this one of me. i’m much more comfortable behind the lens of a camera, but i tried to be a good sport.

and charlotte took this one…

i really loved the river walk, and it was so beautiful at night. the top right pic was taken from our hotel balcony.

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