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riley’s crashpad

back in the day david l.o.v.e.d. bouldering – which is pretty much rock climbing without ropes. it’s been a while since david’s been bouldering, and we really don’t have any place to store his crash pad except on the porch. so riley

working late

self-employment sure doesn’t guarantee getting to bed early every night… just ordered everything i need for my first studio album. i can’t wait to see the final product, and i promise more blog pics in the very near future {just not now,


sadly, i’m still sick {going on 2 1/2 weeks}. this thing just won’t let go, but there’s good news. i don’t have to call in sick tomorrow o.r. call in a sub. that’s a good feeling!

header pics

i added two new header pics and plan on adding a few more soon. hope you like ’em!

healing powers

laid in bed all day with the babes. hoping their combined super healing powers kick in asap, ’cause the augmentin hasn’t.

happy thanksgiving

continuing my quest to get justin to move to colorado, we all drove to rocky mountain national park this afternoon. while we were driving, i started thinking about how blessed we are to live in a country in which we can up and move whenever, wherever we

mighty morphing…

i made the fun trip to the doctor today, and it turns out that my laryngitis morphed into a cold and then into bronchitis, and was trying it’s durndist to become pneumonia. thankfully, that was nipped in the bud with some horse-pill sized antibiotics

winter park

i’ve been fighting laryngitis/a cold for two weeks, so i don’t think skiing was the brightest thing for me to do. but, i’m trying to convince justin to move, so it was a necessary evil {which i’m paying for now}. sadly, i think this

red rocks and georgetown

david was back to the grind today, so justin and i explored on our own. first we drove to red rocks, where justin decided to run the stairs. do you think i joined in? {jeopardy song playing as you wonder…} answer: what is, “absolutely

pikes peak cog railway

today we made the short trip to colorado springs, and we took the cog railway from manitou springs to the top of the pikes peak. justin decided to start the trip with a bang, by hanging out the window {something our very testy tour guide warned against at the

the place to be

justin came to visit for the week! i’m beyond excited that he’s here, and i’m determined to convince him that colorado is the place to be. i’m hoping that if i show him the time of his life, he won’t be able to resist the call of

one year ago…yesterday

i’m introverted. maybe it’s that i’m a creature of habit, and i’m really comfortable around close friends. if there’s anything out of my comfort zone, it’s going into a social situation without knowing anyone. so it was

sun worshiper

he’ll do whatever it takes to bathe in the sunlight.

my ideal client

this post was suggested by rj kern several weeks ago, so i’m giving it a go… my ideal client values photography as an art. when planning her wedding, photography is in the top two most important details of her big day {#1 = the groom}, and she

just for you, mary helen

and none of it stuck. funny thing is that these storms are in and out within 20 minutes! maybe it’s the funky weather that brought me {the gift of} laryngitis…

candice & alex {i do…part 2}

weddings for warriors was a great experience, and i loved my couple! i can’t even express how much fun i had with candice and alex, whom i met about 20 minutes before their renewal. we began taking pics as soon as they drove up to the cliff house, and

i do {jenn & jeffrey}

i’ve been saving this one for a while, but it’s finally time to share! please enjoy these images from my eyes, through my camera, for  jenny evelyn photography.


i’ve officially started saving money with my crazy coupon binder! honestly, it’s quite embarrassing carrying that thing around {i’m sure the 2 teenage girls behind me had a good laugh}, but it’s working. today i went to walgreens and

doe eyes

i worked most of the day editing alex and candice’s vow renewals, and i can’t help but share this. i suppose i’m breaking a rule by sharing another wedding image without the full post, but i just can’t help myself. and the #1 thing i


i didn’t take any pictures today {gasp}. i was a bit under the weather for the first 1/2 of the day, so i just stayed layed up on the couch – and i enjoyed it! i’m thanking the crazy weather – 70’s and 30’s in the same week

candice & alex {first look}

today i helped out with “weddings for warriors,” a group that provides free weddings/renewals for active duty servicemen and women who’ve served overseas. this is the letter alex sent to apply for the wedding, which can also be found

no more spring

we’ve been enjoying 70+ temps for the last week in denver, but i’m pretty sure fall has taken over. right now the hail is falling so fast that it’s sticking and looking like snow. which means – it’s definitely snowing in the

two favorites

there’s nothing like photographing weddings. period. everywhere you turn, there’s something beautiful to photograph – flowers, dresses, the bride, locations…  but i also get a huge thrill out of the photojournalistic opportunities that


today we ventured downtown after church and explored the 16th street mall – in lower downtown {lodo}. these images were taken on or near the denver millennium bridge.