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happy halloween

so, as much as i love landscapes and pretty leaves, i’m ready to take some pics of people. thank goodness i’m going out tomorrow with a friend from high school to do just that! it’s supposed to be overcast, but as long as it doesn’t

both my eyes

i suppose it’s kind of ironic that john mayer’s “3×5” is one of my all-time favorite songs, but it resonates perfectly with me. recently, i’ve been wanting to go places and not worry about bringing along my camera –

a new hiding place

david got out of the shower, walked to the closet, and this is what he found: gosh he’s cute.

i do {alex and john}

these are images from my camera for jenny evelyn photography. enjoy! alex’s brother did a great job with her hair! gotta love john’s mismatching socks! alex gave them to john, as mismatching socks is one of his regular habits. so cute! bokeh,


i’m prefacing this post with this: i don’t dance. i have no idea h.o.w. to dance. i’m pretty sure the only two times i ever went to dances were my proms {and i was self conscious the whole time}. we didn’t even have dancing at our

air force hockey

last night we went to the air force hockey game with mike and emily {thanks to mr. and mrs. janssen for the tickets!}. it was my first ever hockey game, and the {very} little bit that i knew about it came from espn highlights. although i knew it was a violent

the edwards family

stephen and stacey are two of our closest friends, and we met up for one last photo session the day before our move. don’t we all feel like this once in a while? everything is fine and dandy, and then suddenly everything falls apart… luckily,

born to run

there’s a huge field behind our apartment complex, and during the day it’s practically empty. you really can’t tell the “hugeness” from these pics, but i’d guess it’s about 3 or 4 football fields long and one wide

christmas in october

i’ve been shooting with a canon 7d for quite a while now and finally decided it was time to upgrade. i still love the old {amazingly wonderful} standard, but i’ve been longing for a full sensor, and the 5d promised me just that. there were only a

kindred spirits

last night i learned through personal experience that eating foods after their expiration date isn’t a good idea. i won’t go into details, but i got the message loud and clear. so today i wasn’t up for doing much of anything except laying on

one scary bear and lots of elk

yesterday we spent the day touring rocky mountain national park with our friends mike and emily. as as you can tell by the title – we saw a bear. we were walking on a closed road, and there was a family of four ahead of us as we were on our way back to

long story short

we had a great time touring rocky mountain national park today. much more to come…

fly fishing continued…

so yesterday i showed you pics of fly fishing, but today i had to prove that we actually caught a few of those 1,000 fish swimming right by us! in fact, both david and i caught three or four, and mike would’ve caught every fish in the stream if

fly fishing {film}

this morning we woke up before the sun, so we could make it to our fly fishing spot before the sun hit the water. i’m not a morning person, but it was so worth it! we made it to georgetown right around 8, and with the first cast – mike caught a

film pow-wow

so i’m not gonna walk around the elephant in the {pictures}. i’ve got a case of the crazy eyes, and it’s a little embarrassing. there. i said it, and now i can move on… tonight david and i went to a “film pow-wow,” hosted

Laura & Tim {i do}

this is yet another wedding courtesy of my camera for jenny evelyn photography. jenny, i miss you! and i miss shooting 8+ hours on fast paced wedding days! this must have been the h.o.t.t.e.s.t. day of the summer, so we didn’t stay outside very

sneak peek

a quick few from my camera for another jenny evelyn wedding… more to come soon.

sunday pics

kinda wish i could go to the georgia fair. i’m craving all of their tasty treats: cotton candy, corn on the cob – slathered in butter and salt {oh. my. gosh. so. good.}, fried apple turnovers and ice cream,… i need to stop. we haven’t

air force game

today we were lucky enough to go to the air force vs. colorado state university football game! remember, david’s uncle went to the academy, and his good friend mr. janssen {who was in a class below him} now lives in colorado springs. he and his wife


first things first. i love the word “idiosyncrasies”. just try and say that one five times: idiosyncrasies, idiosyncrasies, idiosyncrasies, idiosyncrasies, idiosyncrasies. it’s hard enough just typing it! second things second. i’m not

mix of mediums

since yesterday’s post was inspired by neal carpenter, i figured i’d finish out the images i’ve stored away from his weddings. for this particular wedding, neal was working on switching back to film {which i may just try a few years down the