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thursday drivers

i was planning on getting up around sunrise to get pics, and i was serious. but for some reason i haven’t learned to set my phone to vibrate before i go to bed, so it’s not uncommon for my brilliant phone to chime with fb alerts at 4 in the

we made it

we left the luxury suit around noon and headed for the hills, happy as clams {it just fits}. the drive was incredible – the aspens are the most brilliant shade of yellow and just about the point where they’re about to fall off the trees. just as

guanella pass

david and i tried to drive guanella pass a week ago, starting from georgetown, but we couldn’t get very far due to road construction. so we decided to cheat the system and start from the opposite end of pass, which worked much better! we were able to

the childers family

ashley was kind enough to write this post. it means much more than anything i could’ve

a few more changes

oh happy day! i just checked the colorado dept. of state website, and i officially own Kerinsa Marie Photography, LLC! so as a gift to myself, i created my new logo – which you can find in the top left corner of my blogsite. i’m still in need of a

fan appreciation night

tonight we went out with our friends mike and emily, and we saw our first colorado rockies game! it was sold out a while ago , but there are always seats in “the rock pile” sold the day of. the rock pile is straight out in center field with

i do {lauren and keven}

thanks to jenny evelyn for having me along to 2nd shoot another wedding for her! lauren and keven’s wedding was the same day as fpd’s graduation ceremony, so i was worried i wouldn’t be able to make it in time for the festivities. {of

what’s to come

so, can you find the new pics? they’re not in the post, but i really added some! look closer. a bit higher. see ’em yet? they’re in the scrolling header – one is from cindy and matt’s big day, and the others are from 2 weddings

justin’s many talents

meet my brother, justin. he was always the much more artistically talented between the two of us, and he even built the waterfall in my parents’ backyard. isn’t it amazing! my plan is to bring justin skiing, hiking, {whatever it takes}, so he

mama said there’d be days like this

actually, it was more like mama tried to teach me to cook, but i was {strong willed}. at least, that’s the nice way of putting it. granted, i don’t think she tried to teach me guacamole, but i’m sure one or two of her recipes could’ve

opinions welcome

i’ve been wondering… would it be terrible if i took sundays off from blogging? after all, it is the Lord’s day, and even chick-fil-a employees have the day off. i posed the question to riley, and although he didn’t say much, i could

change of plans

we originally planned to go fly fishing today, but we decided to hold off for now. we’ve had friends tell us great spots to fish, but of course we didn’t write them down… so we figured it might be best to wait until we knew exactly where we

tammy’s bridals

isn’t it too bad that the most beautiful dress most girls will ever wear is only meant to be worn once? that’s exactly why bridal sessions {after the big day} have become so popular! i’ve even gotten in to the spirit, and my friendtographer

margot’s big day

it’s a bit surreal to have so many friends with kids. most of the time i still feel like i’m 18 {except when my knees are aching}, and that’s surely not old enough for me to have kids. and although i’m taking my time sweet time on that

our backyard

well, you’ve seen the messy inside of our “luxury suit,” so i suppose it’s high time to show you our backyard. btw – the luxury suit is begging for a maid, but since i don’t see that happening in the next century,

i will {nikki and tim}

nikki and tim are high school sweethearts getting married june of next year, and i’m their lucky photographer! can you believe they’ve had a long distance relationship all throughout college? nikki is a student at mercer {macon}, while tim is at

the broadmoor

today we ventured to the BROADMOOR for brunch with aunt patsy and uncle butch and some of their close air force academy friends, the janssens. wow. wow. wow. what an amazingly beautiful resort! as soon as we drove up, i begged david to take me there for our


here’s a little backstory: we have three friends in denver {i’m hoping that number expands soon}. two of those friends are mike and emily, and the third is gwen {hello guys!}. david worked with mike during our glory years at u.g.a., and i know

we’re connected

i thought this day might never come – we finally have internet! i’ve really appreciated starbucks being so hospitable with their service, but it sure is nice to write a post at our place {and that way i don’t have to risk getting lost}. and

directionally challenged

i’m admitting it. i am directionally challenged. it’s a bit funny to me – considering i remember my mom depending on {me} to get us to our car in the mall parking lot as a kid. who knows, maybe that was just a dream? and as we all know from

thank you starbucks

we finally moved in today! the place is an absolute wreck, but we’re allowed at least a weeks grace period, right? unfortunately, we won’t have internet until friday, and there aren’t any hospitable neighbors who’ve left their internet

first attempt at film

yesterday we decided to take it easy and go exploring, and i brought along my “new” film camera. all of the pics below document my first attempt at shooting film, and although i have a l.o.t. to learn, i’m pretty happy with my first