September 2010

thursday drivers

i was planning on getting up around sunrise to get pics, and i was serious. but for some reason i haven’t learned to set my phone to vibrate before i go to bed, so it’s not uncommon for my brilliant phone to chime with fb alerts at 4 in the morning {6 for my east coast friends}! keep in mind, i’m a ridiculously light sleeper, and when something like a chime – or obnoxiously loud clock alarms – go off, i sit straight up in bed and my heart about explodes out of my chest. then i lay there for at least 20 min. trying to calm down. is that normal? {retorical question}. so that’s my super long, probably unneeded explanation for not getting early morning pics!

today we drove from minturn to leadville, and it was an incredible drive. and would you believe, i finally drove for once! we were up so high that i’d try to take a peek at our views, and immediately lock my eyes back onto the road. i’m not normally afraid of heights, but this was an exception.

the bottom pic is a ghost town we passed on our drive. i r.e.a.l.l.y. had some strange desire to explore it, but there were “no trespassing” signs everywhere, and david wasn’t about to join me in my adventure.

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we made it

we left the luxury suit around noon and headed for the hills, happy as clams {it just fits}. the drive was incredible – the aspens are the most brilliant shade of yellow and just about the point where they’re about to fall off the trees. just as we were about to drive into vail, we heard a strange pop – like a coke can getting crushed. neither of us had seen anything strange in the road, but as we were about to drive over a bridge, david noticed the tire pressure light come on. great. just great. so we pulled over, and sure enough, as soon as we opened the doors we could hear the shhhh of air steadily streaming out of a tire. this was another moment when i was so glad to be a girl – and so glad david knew what he was doing. i didn’t have to do any work at all – except document!

after 45 minutes, we were back on the road and at the condo in about 10 minutes. it didn’t take me long to photograph aspens – they’re everywhere! the pic on the right is the view from our back porch.

this image would be perfect if there was a bride on the path.

we ate dinner at the restaurant on the right, and we tried elk steak for the first time {not gonna lie – i was reluctant}. it was actually quite good!

i love these! it was pretty dark outside, so i upped the iso, found a rock to balance the camera, and went for it.

i couldn’t help myself.

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guanella pass

david and i tried to drive guanella pass a week ago, starting from georgetown, but we couldn’t get very far due to road construction. so we decided to cheat the system and start from the opposite end of pass, which worked much better! we were able to drive about an hour {maybe even 2 – who really keeps count?} before we turned around, and we didn’t even reach the point where the road closed. as you might guess, i kept bugging david to pull over so i could take pics, and he kindly obliged – every time. although i’m happy with these, i’m really excited to get up super early the next few days to take pics of aspens in morning light! we’re headed to vail tomorrow, thanks to some very kind friends who are letting us stay at their condo through friday. yes, we’re living a very charmed life, and we’re soaking up every opportunity that comes our way!

the sky was really this blue, and it was so peacefully quiet!

i’m fascinated by colorful fungus on rocks. it’s the small pleasures in life, right? and although i’m not really a fan of bugs {of any sort}, it’s amazing to find them at such high elevations. there are three in the flower pic – where’s waldo?

i was really wishing i could’ve taken my 6th graders to see the tundra for themselves. it’s one thing to read about it in a book, and a totally different thing to actually “be there”. it’s definitely been educational for me!

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the childers family

ashley was kind enough to write this post. it means much more than anything i could’ve written.


We recently enjoyed our afternoon of photos with Kerinsa before she moved to Colorado.  Chris & I really wanted updated pictures of our family.  Austin is now 19 yrs old & Garrett is 16 yrs old.  We wanted Kerinsa to capture the closeness of our family and the joy and challenges we face daily.

Austin has been diagnosed with a metabolic disease called Mitochondrial DIsease – the mitochondria is the energy source of the cells & their cells do not produce the energy needed for their organs.  Austin has been sick for about 10 years & has recently had his entire colon removed – at this point his stomach is not functioning & the doctors are not sure how long his small intestines will continue functioning.

Mitochondrial Disease can effect patients in many different ways.  Austin’s medical treatment requires a number of medications and a shot, also he is on IV fluids and feeding tube daily.  The disease has been progressive, but Austin has had an incredible attitude.  His faith in the Lord is strong & he is determined to make the most of each day.  Most college age kids are concerned with the excitement that comes with college days, but Austin’s concerns are for his treatment and pacing his time to maintain some type of normalcy – he has endured over 40 surgeries, 100s of days in the hospital & the uncertainty of the disease process.  He is taking 2 college classes & enjoys being with his friends & family.  Austin’s mitochondrial & colon doctors are in Boston Mass.  It is difficult to travel back & forth, but the doctors have been extremely helpful & supportive.

Our family has endured a great deal throughout the last few years, but God has kept us close through our difficulties.  We are very thankful for each other & we try not to take our days for granted.  We know that God has a plan and we are trusting him to help us through the adversities.

Thanks Kerinsa for such an enjoyable afternoon!!  We had a such a great time – lots of laughs & memorable moments!

the childers’ beautiful boxer, chloe, decided to jump out and join us for some pics!

i’ve never prayed for rain before a photo shoot – until this one. i could see clouds rolling in as i drove up, and after a few small drops of rain, i did some serious praying. i was so excited when the clouds let loose and stayed just long enough to get what we were hoping for!

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