Monthly Archives: August 2010

alabama & mississippi

even though we left macon a few days ago, today was the real start of our westward journey. we left the mullins manor around 9:30, and david drove the whole day. and because david is such a terrible passenger {slow down!, do you see that car?, watch out for

charlie joseph’s

i really don’t like hotdogs, so the first time the mullins took me to charlie joseph’s {8 or 9 years ago} i wasn’t too excited. to this day, if i have the choice between a cheeseburger or hotdog – the cheeseburger will win every time.

party on

{once again, please don’t judge my photo editing skills in this post. my big mac is packed away, so i’m doing my best with my 13″ laptop…} last night jenny and koutsunis threw us our going away shindig, and it was so much fun having

pic of the day

it’s coming down to the wire! today is our going away party and it’s kinda crazy around here, so here’s a quick peek into this morning’s shoot with stephen and stacey…

progress of a pod

the pod is driving west! it took us {david and friends} 3 days to load it up, and about 5 minutes for pods to load it onto the truck and drive away. i can’t count how many times this week i’ve been thankful to be a weak little lady. seriously.

a tough lesson

i’ve officially had my first tough lesson in blogging. don’t wait until the last minute. i’m not a procrastinator, but tonight’s project took a bit longer than planned. which means – you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for

film is not dead

“film is not dead.” photographer jonathan canlas has made that slogan famous in the film photography world, and until recently i wouldn’t have believed it was true. i thought digital was the only way to go. after all, why shoot film and wait

dessert before dinner

it’s really amazing what moving does to your social schedule! i’ve been running around like crazy today, so it’s going to be an amazing feeling when my head finally hits the pillow! it’s 8:51 as i type this, and although i’m more

behind two locks

behind two locks lie 97.35% of our belongings.

my ambitious plan

we’re really doing this! last week mom came to help pack for two days, and justin just left after spending two days with us as well. after seeing unspeakable things, justin walked away with an understanding of why you only ask family and your very

i do {gemma and matt}

jenny evelyn had me along to second shoot again, and it was quite a culture-filled day. gemma was a lucky bride that got to wear two dresses – first her gorgeous red sari for the hindu ceremony, and then an amazing white dress for the christian

penelope’s nest

we visited the walker family this weekend for an extra special occasion – margot’s first birthday! i’ll be posting pics of the extra cute party soon, but until then, here’s the story behind penelope’s nest… penelope is a