August 2010

alabama & mississippi

even though we left macon a few days ago, today was the real start of our westward journey. we left the mullins manor around 9:30, and david drove the whole day. and because david is such a terrible passenger {slow down!, do you see that car?, watch out for …}, he’ll probably drive the whole way!

i was really looking forward to passing through selma, alabama. ma used to tell stories about growing up there, and it’s also famous for the “selma to montgomery march for voting rights“. we were warned that the town was depressed, and that’s just the word i’d use to describe it. i really shouldn’t have complained about macon.

i love looking through rows of crops. always have.

“oh! i know! let’s name our town “chunky”! who wouldn’t love a name like that?!” poor town.

and this might be one of the strangest things i’ve ever seen. i had just put down my camera to turn around and fix the dogs’ crate when david gasped. i almost ignored him, thinking that he was trying to trick me into picking up the camera again, but then i saw what he saw. a helicopter was flying just about 30 ft. above the road! i snatched up my camera and managed to get these shots. it looks like the helicopter was using some sort of chainsaw to cut down trees next to the road. i’d hate to be the pilot – look how close they’re flying to electrical wires!

tomorrow: dallas!

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charlie joseph’s

i really don’t like hotdogs, so the first time the mullins took me to charlie joseph’s {8 or 9 years ago} i wasn’t too excited. to this day, if i have the choice between a cheeseburger or hotdog – the cheeseburger will win every time. u.n.l.e.s.s. we’re at charlie joseph’s! my goodness, i love their cheesedogs with ketchup more than just about any other food option out there. so, knowing that we wouldn’t be back for a while, i had to eat my usual 4 hotdogs to hold me over until our next visit!

david’s grandma was affectionately known as “ma,” and nene and i are demonstrating her “nichol’s finger.” ma would sit and eat, and with every bite she would put her finger over her mouth just so. she loved charlie joseph’s just about as much as i do, and would always order a bottled coke. every single time she took that first sip of coke, she would exclaim, “this is t.h.e. best coke i have eva had!” {said with a true southern accent}.

this is david and me with owner, joey keeth. he’s the third generation owner of charlie joseph’s.

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party on

{once again, please don’t judge my photo editing skills in this post. my big mac is packed away, so i’m doing my best with my 13″ laptop…}

last night jenny and koutsunis threw us our going away shindig, and it was so much fun having most of our closest friends in one place. of course, it was also bittersweet. i’d be laughing one minute and then goodbye’s would bring on the waterworks. it’s no secret that we didn’t like maconga, but we made some amazing friends whom we’re going to miss terribly! {i sure wish i could get rid of my need for proper grammar. “whom” doesn’t sound conversational. i’m strange, but at least i know it.}

so back to goodbyes… we really are going to miss our friends! you have all meant more to me than i can put into words. i wish i could say i’ve been incredibly happy to have finally left macon today, but i’m so sad to leave you guys. i can’t wait to see you again soon! the tears are falling again, so that’s it for tonight.

yes. david is a card carrying member of the cherokee nation. and he’s proud of it!

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pic of the day

it’s coming down to the wire! today is our going away party and it’s kinda crazy around here, so here’s a quick peek into this morning’s shoot with stephen and stacey…

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