July 2010

frosting covered birthday

sadie-bug is growing up so fast! i suppose that’s what everyone says about children, but i always find it interesting when a cliche finally hits home. i suppose they’re common phrases for a reason…

as you’ll see from almost every picture, sadie really enjoyed her birthday cupcake! stacey even tried feeding sadie some of the actual cake {which was mighty tasty}, but sadie wouldn’t have any of that! she knew where the r.e.a.l. sugar was – the frosting. she’s one smart cookie! {i really hate cliches, but the flood gates were already opened}. i hope you enjoy these tasty pics!

this is truly the kind of kiss only a grandpa could love…

this fella decided the bean-bag board would be a great place to take a rest from all of the activity and enjoy his juice box. {minute maid hasn’t paid me one cent for this advertisement, but maybe they should!}

three generations

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half past the point of no return

i’ve literally known that david wanted to live out west since our first date. fast forward 10 years, and we’re in macon, georgia. not exactly the west david was hoping for. but that’s all about to change because it’s almost official: we’re moving to colorado. the only things we’re waiting for are the sale of our house {which is adorable, and i’m going to miss terribly} or for david to get a new job. whichever comes first will signal our send off to the great wide open.

actually, we’ve been planning our move for a year now. i {we} made the decision on july 5th of last year, after returning from a fantastic trip to montana and wyoming. as soon as our plane landed back in atlanta – and david felt the thick moisture in the southern air – his elation nearly turned into depression. so while sitting in traffic on i75, i announced, “we’re moving in one year. we’re leaving georgia and moving to colorado on july 5, 2010.” at first david didn’t believe me. “no, we’ll stay here – forever. i’ll survive.” but by the time we were 1/2 way home, we were making serious plans.

although the plan to move by that date didn’t work out 100%, we still made it out to colorado for our official scouting trip. we were absolutely sure that we were just going to stop in denver to visit friends, and then the real scouting would begin in fort collins and colorado springs. after all, why would we want to move to colorado to live in a big city? we could do that in atlanta, right? so, david did all his homework on fort collins and colorado springs. he knew their average incomes, crime rates, home prices, etc. so wouldn’t you know we fell in love with denver! our friends mike and emily {who dropped everything to move from atl. to denver 4 years ago} were amazing hosts and gave us quite a tour of their adopted hometown. i was amazed by denver’s character: independent stores and restaurants, quaint tudor homes, parks at almost every corner, bike paths throughout the city, and the flowers. yes, the flowers. i was worried that moving from the south would mean a loss of colorful flowers and cute homes, but i was elated to find lots of both. of course, homes are a bit more expensive in denver, but let’s not talk about that…

when we were leaving for the start of our trip, at the ridiculous time of 3:45 am, one of my favorite songs was playing on the radio {glitter in the air, by pink}. although i love it, i don’t often hear it playing, so i was surprised to hear it again as soon as we turned on our rental car’s stereo. do you ever hear a song that you’ve heard hundreds of times before, but one day it means something totally different to you? it happened to me during the trip.

have you ever looked fear in the face

and said i just don’t care?

it’s only half past the point of no return

the tip of the iceberg, the sun before the burn

the thunder before the lightning, the breath before the phrase

have you ever felt this way?

it’s only half past the point of oblivion

the hourglass on the table, the walk before the run

the breath before the kiss and the fear before the flames

have you ever felt this way?

i love security {and i mean r.e.a.l.l.y. love security}, so i’m stepping out of my comfort zone with this move. david and i are in a place of waiting on the Lord, and it’s a whole new way of living. neither of us has jobs! i’m terrified and excited at the same time, and i can’t wait to see what He has planned for us!

…and just in case you wondered how much david really loves it out west, this was taken the first day of our trip in rocky mtn. national park.

we made sure to tour the new belgium brewery in fort collins, and it was well worth our time! i was especially fascinated by all of the bikes. interesting fact: on their 1st anniversary with the company, employees are given a special edition bike that can’t be bought anywhere. it’s incredible how many people ride bikes everywhere, and we actually left colorado with “bike envy.”

a local t.v. station came to do a story on our tour!

notice our guide’s tattoo… random fact you may not know about me: if i didn’t have such an incredible fear of needles, i’d want a sleeve. i also wanted an eyebrow ring as a teenager. really. thank you mom and dad for putting the kibosh on that one.

these were taken at garden of the gods in colorado springs.

next stop on our trip was the top of pike’s peak. first we passed through manitou springs which was full of oddities i couldn’t pass up.

can you spot the marmot? i didn’t even know he was there as i was taking the picture.

my handsome hubby

there’s a train that drives to the peak. we can’t wait to take it with visitors!

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the gettmann family

kathleen is a friend from my teaching days of yore at the day school. it’s only been two months since my last day, but i’m missing it already. in fact, i’m thinking of how strange it will be when my friends go back to school. but anywho…let’s look at some pretty pictures! kathleen has quite a beautiful family, and they were so kind to get up at the crack of dawn to take these. thank goodness they did! it was comfortable throughout our session, but by the time we were leaving the southern sun was heating up!

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