May 2010

first comes love {jeremy and jessica}

i was beyond thrilled when jessica and jeremy let me in on their little secret! ┬áplease enjoy my 1st “stop motion” video.

music from barnes music

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i do {ashley and kevin}

a few months ago i went to nashville for a photographer’s conference, and i immediately hit it off with my new bestie, jenny. in fact, we had a 4+ hour drive home, and i don’t think there was a two minute lull {o.k., maybe there was one or two}. jenny happens to be an a.m.a.z.i.n.g. photographer here in macon, and she’s been such a blessing to me.

the other weekend jenny had me along as a 2nd shooter, and i had such a blast! ashley and kevin are such a beautiful couple, and their whole day was absolutely perfect from beginning to end.

here are just a few of my favorites, and make sure to check out jenny’s site for her images and vendor details!

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weekend getaway

way back in march, i traveled to tallahassee to spend a fun photography weekend with my sister {in-law}, susan. it was such a treat for us! we’ve been sisters for 7 years, but this was the first time we’d actually been able to get away together. these are just a few of my favorite shots from our weekend getaway.

susan is so cute that i’ll even forgive her for shooting nikon…

these were growing on the porch steps. i was fascinated by them.
this happened when i told susan to laugh. i was going to try and tell a joke, but i didn’t need to – she cracked herself up! {sorry for ending a sentence in a preposition. as a former english teacher, it makes me feel self-conscious. but come on…it just wouldn’t sound right otherwise, right?}

i don’t post pictures of myself very often, but i really like this one that susan took. it’s strange to see myself with straight hair!

what’s the fun in being normal? thank goodness, susan is about as odd as i am! {i mean that in only the kindest way possible, susan.}

this is the fantabulous house that we stayed in. special thanks to susan’s friends who let us stay there!

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the bowen’s bigger family

you may remember the bowens from a recent session, but now there’s a new addition to the family! baby katherine was about 2 weeks old during our session, and she was the perfect little model. and of course, anna, lauren and john played along great, too!

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