Monthly Archives: March 2010

the bowen family

lauren and i met about two years ago while playing on the same tennis team, and we hit it off right away. i’m not much of a doubles player {i’m too much of a ball-hog}, but lauren didn’t seem too bothered by that. in fact, we were a pretty

rainy days and {wednesdays}

i feel like it’s been an exceptionally rainy winter. sadly, rain and cameras don’t mix well, or at least i’m not comfortable letting them mix quite yet. this afternoon it was more of the same – dreary, slow rain… however, i


i almost can’t believe spring break is just around the corner! i’m planning on dedicating the whole week to photography and updating the look of my blog. get ready, ’cause changes are coming around here! susan {sister-in-law} and i are even


the kids i teach bless me more than they could ever know. i can’t count how many times they make me laugh each day, although sometimes i try my best to hold the laughter in… of course, there are times when i’d like to pull my hair out, but