March 2010

the bowen family

lauren and i met about two years ago while playing on the same tennis team, and we hit it off right away. i’m not much of a doubles player {i’m too much of a ball-hog}, but lauren didn’t seem too bothered by that. in fact, we were a pretty good team, and i really miss playing with her. {she has a crazy mean serve!} but, i’m taking a season off to focus on school and photography, and she had an even better reason…she’s pregnant! lauren and john already have a beautiful daughter, anna, and she’s very excited about being a big sister. it was too cute seeing lauren and john tell Anna to give her sissy kisses, and anna would run to kiss lauren’s belly! anna is such a little ball of personality, and she kept me on my toes! no lie, i’ve actually been sore from keeping up with Anna. it was kind of like doing 500 squats in an hour period. i hope you enjoy these as much as i did taking them. thank you to john, lauren, and anna for being such good sports!



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rainy days and {wednesdays}

i feel like it’s been an exceptionally rainy winter. sadly, rain and cameras don’t mix well, or at least i’m not comfortable letting them mix quite yet. this afternoon it was more of the same – dreary, slow rain… however, i discovered that  the clouds may have helped create some of the most beautiful indoor light i’ve seen in quite a while!

having a house on the market can be stressful, but at least it’s a good excuse to constantly have fresh flowers around.


my gosh i love my dogs. it doesn’t hurt that they’re so adorable.





this one’s just too funny not to include. i’m trying to train riley and tana to be patient when getting their treats. i don’t think tana fully appreciates the lesson i’m trying to teach her…


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i almost can’t believe spring break is just around the corner! i’m planning on dedicating the whole week to photography and updating the look of my blog. get ready, ’cause changes are coming around here! susan {sister-in-law} and i are even getting to take a weekend away – which we’ve never done before. some friends of hers are letting us borrow their lake house for a weekend. take a look…


and that’s only the back 1/2 of the house! what’s not to love? we’re going to have at least 48 hours of shooting, resting, eating, and gabbing – which is 48 hours to ourselves that we’ve never had before. i can’t wait!!!

i took these pics at the same house while we were scoping out our future vacation home.



and i just have to add the following pics. seriously, how did our parents survive without t.v.’s in cars?


well, since this post is all over the place, why not show you one more random pic?

i saw this barn on the way home from tallahassee and had to stop. i love the horseshoe!


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the kids i teach bless me more than they could ever know. i can’t count how many times they make me laugh each day, although sometimes i try my best to hold the laughter in… of course, there are times when i’d like to pull my hair out, but then i just escape into my happy place for a few seconds and compose myself!  i had maddy in my 6th grade english class two years ago, and she still stops by to say hello once in a while. that’s truly one of the best parts about being a teacher – it helps me to realize that maybe i touched at least one life and didn’t scare everyone away forever! hehe.

i’ve always liked maddy, but i had no idea we had so much in common until she approached me about photography. i’ve told her many times that i’m so jealous she’s discovered something she enjoys so much, so early in life. kindly, she reminds me that i’m not {that} old, but then i have to remind her than i’m not quite as young as she is! maddy was thinking about getting a dslr a few weeks back, so we got together so i could impart my endless wisdom upon her {i’m cracking myself up}. we had a great time exploring my backyard and even taking a few pictures at ingleside. since then, she bought her own camera, and i can’t wait to see some of her work!


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