Monthly Archives: February 2010

blue eyes and big smiles

i often joke with david that it’s time to have kids, just so i can photograph them. thankfully, we haven’t had to go to those lengths yet, as i’m able to photograph other people’s children. this is probably margot’s fourth or

workin’ for the weekend

i love teaching, and especially the crazy little urchins i teach, and helping with varsity tennis, but i’m not left with enough hours in the day! i’m super excited that this weekend we’ll be staying home for a change, so i’m planning

jumping on the bed, hanging from the rafters…

lucy and jonas are sadie’s cousins, and i had so much fun with these three. it was a bit chilly that morning, but everyone warmed up once they got moving. goodness knows i stayed warm just trying to keep up with them! i love these first images. sadie


more to come soon…

April and Cass

april and i work at fpd, but our paths don’t cross nearly enough. she and cass met years ago, but it was only recently that they struck up a romance. they both coach basketball, and since that’s what brought them together, it was only fitting that