Monthly Archives: January 2010

21 degrees and smiling

a few weeks ago i went to nashville for imagingusa, a photographer’s convention that totally changed my life! the word for the week was “overwhelming”. i’m not sure that i’ve stopped using that word ever since… david and i

fall colors in winter

it’s a dreary day in maconga, so i found these pictures from a while back to brighten my day (and hopefully yours).

a formal affair

these are pictures I took for tammy viviani and her daughter, alie, who was presented at the macon debutant ball – bon hommes. i normally don’t create full black and white posts, but I just love the bold contrast created by the formal attire

the “other” mullins family

david and i were able to visit the “other” mullins family after christmas, and it was pretty chilly… (50 degrees). so david and andy rounded up some firewood while susan made hot chocolate, and i had fun clicking away. adorably dirty this