erin & matt’s super sneak peek

headed out the door to finish shooting erin & matt’s wedding, but here’s a quick shot from the day. more to come soon!

old man winter

winter has finally arrived in colorado. gone are the days of 50+. tomorrow’s high is 15 degrees! the pics below were taken about 20 minutes apart. *pics taken with iphone*


i had fun scouting some locations today and happened upon this little fellow above a doorframe. such a cute little guy…

it never ends…

for the past few months i’ve been dreaming of a canon 50mm 1.2l {something i want, but certainly don’t n.e.e.d.}. my 50mm 1.4 works perfectly well, but i dream of the bokeh i could create with the 1.2. does anyone have an extra $1,459 laying

what’s come over me?

i’m not saying it’s becoming something i like, yet… but i’m really enjoying cooking! this could be very short-lived, and i’ve warned david about that very fact, but both of us have our hopes up. our Christmas meal lasted us

merry Christmas

merry Christmas everyone! david and i had a great day, full of relaxation, presents, and food {lots and lots of food}. for some unknown reason, yesterday  i got really excited about cooking a big Christmas dinner, so we headed to the grocery store to get

phone pics

someday i’ll get up the courage to bring my {real} camera skiing. until then, the iphone will have to do {and even that scares david}! my knee is feeling much better with not too much pain left – surely not enough to keep me from skiing! we spent

david’s bday

david turned 29 today {as he magically hasn’t aged over the past four years}! tonight we celebrated by going to ondo’s, a spanish tapas restaurant. the food was amazing, and we can’t wait to take visiting friends and family there. i took

abby & kyle {parker, co wedding photographer}

abby and kyle are adorable together, and i can’t wait to photograph their wedding this may! here’s a little bit of their story, straight from abby. i love when clients share their

heaven in a box

i get ridiculously excited every time this box comes to our doorstep. inside are one of man’s greatest creations – salty sweet treats that don’t even last a week {i eat them way before that could ever happen}. chocolate covered potato chips

bday surprise

today is our friend emily’s birthday! and since david’s birthday is on the 22nd, mike and i figured we’d surprise both of them with a party. so, mike and emily came to “pick us up for dinner” and mike {accidentally} left his

abby & kyle {sneak peek}

i had an amazing time with abby & kyle today, and i’ll have their full engagement session on the blog soon. until then, here’s one of my favorites!

making ma proud

david and i have gotten into a sad routine that either includes frozen meals or going out to eat. {it used to be a wonderful routine of eating out every night, but we’re trying to reform our ways.} at first, burtolli frozen dinners were doing the trick,


david and i passed these two peacocks about a week ago. certainly not something you expect to see everyday – especially in colorado…

drip, drop

last summer david and i had a fun weekend at the lake with jenny and koutsunis and there were a few small rain storms while we were there. it was really relaxing to sit on the dock swing just listening to the rain. {i also took blue calm during that

christmas in july

i’m loving this easy transition to colorado’s weather. while my friends and family were freezing their tushies off in georgia today, it was a balmy 65+ degrees in denver. something is just not right with those numbers… and although the warm

demo day

we got up early this morning to make it out to demo day at winter park. we’ve already bought ski boots, but we’re still in the market for skis, so this was the perfect opportunity to try out a couple pairs – for free. we wrongly assumed that

christmas bokeh

tonight we went out for pizza with two friends from stapleton, which is pretty close to where we live, and their town square is filled with lights. i snapped a few pics on our way home, and i’m in l.o.v.e. with the first one! the blurry lights are an

oh so pretty

today neal sent me a link to the cruiser on the left. little did he know how badly i’ve been wanting a vintage style cruiser bike! david and i are hoping to get some in the spring, but until then i can dream. besides, it may be warm now {50’s the

if i could go back in time

i sure wish i’d known more about photography when i chose my wedding photographer {almost 8 yrs. ago}! surprisingly, and sadly, i didn’t value photography as much as i do now. so, i ended up choosing the first photographer i talked with, on the

phone pic…

david took this with his phone as he was walking the dogs tonight. i should’ve joined him…