Monthly Archives: December 2009

a year in pictures

looking back through these pictures was so much fun and a reminder of how blessed i am. there’s absolutely no feeling like knowing someone is pleased with their photos, and it’s also humbling to realize they will be in albums for years to come!

beautiful baby margot

our good friends bobby and emily stayed with us for a night last week, and it was definitely a full house {4 adults, one baby, and 4 dogs}. our cozy little cottage was bursting at the seems, but i don’t think anyone minded a bit. david and i only wish

the mcquagge family

the mcquagges are a family of 7, so i knew our session would be exciting. mary, my friend tammy’s sister, did a fantastic job picking out colorful outfits for everyone, and i especially l.o.v.e.d. the red dress her youngest daughter was wearing! and

my new blog {yippee}

i can hardly believe it – my first post on my brand new blog. the only thing it’s missing is the “new blog smell.” but not to worry, you can imagine that to be whatever you like! roses, a lexus with leather interior, freshly-baked

Just because…

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower. ~Hans Christian Andersen

The Jackson Family

I met with Brandon, Stephanie, and Noah on two cool, cloudy days. We met in a local park that Stephanie suggested (Jackson Springs), and I’m so thankful she did! A natural spring was bubbling up, and although the ground was wet and soggy, it

The Van Pelts

Genifer and her husband, Stephen, are such a lovely couple. And with the addition of their son, Hayden, the Van Pelts are just about the cutest family you’ve ever seen! Beautiful morning. Beautiful family. Beautiful

Jeremy and Jessica

David and I met Jeremy and Jessica soon after we moved to Macon, a little over five years ago. It’s always a fun-filled time when we get together, so I was super excited when Jessica called for photos. We ventured out to the Olcmulgee Indian Mounds,

New E-Mail Address

I’m working on creating a new blog, and hopefully it will be up and ready to go in the next month or two. (I’m working in baby steps!) Until then, it’s the small things that bring a smile to my face! Tonight I created my latest and final