October 2009

Chelsea’s Senior Portraits

Chelsea and her family live down the street from me, and I’ve taught two of her younger sisters. Well, I’ve taught one, and another is currently in my class. And, I may just get to teach the youngest in a few years.

Chelsea was so fun to photograph! She was willing to try all of my suggestions, and she she didn’t even give me a second look when I asked her to jump up and down in front of a mural (on a fairly busy street)!
Thanks, Chelsea; I had so much fun taking these!
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A Quick Peek

We had such a great time in Atlanta this weekend! I was so glad that Emily was as eager to take pictures as I was, so I came home with over 500 new photos to choose from. Here’s a peek at what I’ve done so far…

Sweet Margot – 2 months

Tomorrow I’ve got a senior portrait session, so I’ll have lots of new pics up soon!
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More Fall Colors
I absolutely can’t wait for this weekend, when I’ll get to take pictures of people again! So far, I’ve got photography plans for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, so I’m trying to calm myself down.
Until then, these are some photos I took this afternoon.

I saved my favorite for last…
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Playing with Textures

I’ve just discovered a new love – textures. I realize they’re not right for every photo, but when used the right way they can really add something amazing.

Yesterday I noticed that the bumblebees are almost frozen still on the flowers now that the temperature is dropping. I was out too late to get good shots last night, but I was ready this afternoon!
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